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Regional Rankings

1. Covington Catholic (16-3): The Colonels are on a 15-game winning streak. That’s pretty good. They travel to Holmes this week and then play St. Xavier.

2. Conner (11-5): Conner has beaten SK, Ryle, Dixie, Highlands, and Grant County. Not a bad 5-game stretch.

3. St. Henry (12-3): St. Henry won the All A Region. Congrats to the Cru. The big post player off the bench had a good tournament. St. Henry plays Thursday at 9:30.

4. Beechwood (13-7): Tigers came up short in a good game. I still like their chances to go to the regional tournament. On a personal note, he probably is not in the mood to hear this, but when the players arrived at St. Henry for the Lloyd game, my 2nd grade son was watching them go by. Draud was at the end of the line and my son chased him down the hallway, said his name and something like “good luck”, he turned around and gave him a high five and said, “thanks buddy.” It was a class act and it made his day. Thanks.

5. Highlands (16-1): Highlands beat Campbell and Newport this week. Their schedule is pretty light until February.

6. Newport Central Catholic (10-7): The Breds were a couple of free throws away from beating St. Henry. They actually play St. Henry again on Saturday.

7. Lloyd Memorial (10-6): Treshawn Cody is really good.

8. Holy Cross (8-7): The Indians play Campbell County and Conner. I will be surprised if they beat either of those teams, but Grammar does a good job getting his boys ready.

9. Cooper (5-10): Cooper lost to SK and Cov Cath this week. They host Conner on Wednesday; I think I am going to go see this one. I haven’t watched Conner yet.

10. Dixie Heights (4-13): Dixie beat Scott and lost to Simon Kenton. Dixie has been in almost every game and has lost 7 games by less than ten points. I think they will go to the regional tournament.

11.Ryle (7-10): Ryle lost two games this week. They play Holmes and Lloyd.

12. Holmes (7-10): Holmes beat Scott. The Dawgs play Covington Catholic this week. If they keep it within 20, I consider it a moral victory.

13. Newport (9-8): The Wildcats won 9 straight and have now lost 8 straight. They play Beechwood and Bellevue this week.

14. Boone County (4-13): The Rebels beat Carroll County. Carroll is not too bad, they beat Henry at Henry earlier this year.

15. Ludlow (8-7): Ludlow got walloped by Beechwood in the first round, but then rebounded to beat Harrison County.

16. Dayton (4-11): Dayton plays New Cath, Bracken, and Heritage this week. They should win at least a game.

17. Villa Madonna (4-13): Villa will play Ludlow and Calvary.

18. Bellevue (2-10): Bellevue should beat Heritage this week.

19. Heritage (3-10): Heritage plays Bellevue and Dayton.

20. Covington Latin (0-7)
: I heard that Latin is indeed taking the #5 seed in the district tournament. I will cover their record for the rest of the season.


I’ve mentioned before about my 4-year old. David has Autism. I am very intentional in treating him as “normal” as possible. I take him with me to basketball games because I think he still deserves to experience the world. He loves going to the games. He jumps up and down, claps his hands, and laughs the whole time. In less crowded gyms I usually sit up in the corner with him to give him plenty of room. Sometimes he will bump into someone in a crowded gym and he will regularly put his hand on someone’s shoulder, to steady himself, while he tries to walk down the bleacher stairs. He does not scream in anyone’s face, grab anyone, or cry. There was one time when he reached into someone’s popcorn and took a bite.

The majority of people smile and seem to enjoy his company (you have no idea how that melts my heart). The eye rolling, suddenly changing seats, and stare downs are getting a little old. If he is really bothering you, just come tell me and we’ll move.