9th Region Week 11 Review: Can't wait till next week!!!!

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    Folks, it’s been a fun ride. I have come to the realization that after week 9, I have run out of interesting stories to talk about. I also secretly loathe the final week of the regular season because everyone is hyped up for the district tournament and every time I go to a gym I am sitting through a senior night ceremony.

    There was not a lot of drama last week. The biggest news was St. Henry giving a loss to the Newport Wildcats at Newport. As far as games this week, Beechwood playing at Highlands should be a good one and Cov-Cath travels to Simon Kenton on Tuesday.

    The top 7 spots are pretty easy to rank, but 8-12 are tough because everyone keeps losing. I asked myself “If these two teams played tonight, who do I think would probably win?”

    Look forward to my district tournament preview next week along with my predictions.

    1. Cooper (21-4): Cooper lost against a really good Campbell County team this week. This loss is not enough to bump them from the #1 spot. The Jaguars will finish the season with games against two of the neighboring county schools in Dixie Heights and Scott High.

    2. Beechwood (23-4): The Tigers defeated St. Henry last week prior to beating down the Holy Cross Indians in a district tournament preview. Beechwood has two quality opponents left in Lloyd Memorial and Highlands before traveling to Holmes to play Holy Cross.

    3. Covington Catholic (21-6): Covington Catholic defeated two fellow Colonels this week in Dixie Heights and Oldham County. Reports are that their roster is full and healthy for the post season run. They travel to Simon Kenton and host a Madison Central team that just defeated Walton Verona.

    4. Newport (21-7): Newport won two district games this week before losing to St. Henry. I was surprised by the St. Henry score but the Wildcats can get some momentum before the 36th District tournament as they play Taft High School and Breathitt County.

    5. Highlands (17-10): The Bluebirds are back to #5 after a week of being in #6. They beat Lloyd and Mason county by double digits. They have a chance to get a major victory if they can beat Beechwood on Friday. Highlands will play Newport Catholic in the first round of the district tournament on the 19th .

    6. Conner (13-11): Conner continues to be a puzzle as they played two heavyweights from the 37th district this week. The Cougars beat Scott by 7 before losing to Campbell County by 22. Conner previously defeated Beechwood, who beat both teams earlier in the year. With the Bluebirds winning two games this week, the Cougars did drop one spot in the rankings. Conner plays Holmes and Newport Catholic before facing Ryle in the district tournament.

    7. St. Henry (12-12): The Crusaders have clawed their way back to .500 with a major confidence booster against the Newport Wildcats. St. Henry will face off against their fellow Diocesan brothers when they travel to Holy Cross on Friday.

    8. Lloyd Memorial (15-7): Lloyd is on a little bit of a losing streak, but as things stand now, I think they would beat anyone ranked below them. They will be tested on Wednesday when they play Beechwood.

    9. Holy Cross (9-15): The Indians lost to Beechwood, but I still think they would beat anyone ranked beneath them if they played tonight. They end the season with three tough games before the start of the district tournament.

    10. Dixie Heights (9-17): Not many predicted that with one week left, Dixie would only have 9 wins. I still think these boys can beat Lloyd to make it to the district championship game. They have to keep Gentry out of foul trouble and Shumate needs to shoot the ball 12-15 times a game as opposed to his 9-fga per game this season.

    11. Newport Central Catholic (9-16) I said last week that the Breds would win one game before the end of the regular season. I think I may have been wrong. I thought they would beat Frederick Douglas. The boys up on the hill will probably not get double digit wins this year.

    12. Holmes (8-18): Holmes lost in surprising fashion to Boone County but did rebound to beat Ludlow. The absence of Tico Pouncey is significant.

    13. Ryle (6-18): Ryle dropped to 6-18. There is some talent on this team. They could give Conner a scare in the district tournament.

    14. Boone County (6-20): The Rebels beat Holmes, in what I would consider an upset. I still rank Holmes ahead of them based on the body of work throughout the season. Boone County has had every reason to throw in the towel, but they keep grinding away.

    15. Ludlow (14-12): The Panthers won the Division III Conference Title. They play a school out of Cincinnati called “Oyler” this week. This is the second time this season a 9th Region team has played a Cincinnati School that I have never heard of. I only moved here in 1987 though.

    16. Villa Madonna (10-17): The Vikings are on a three game losing streak. They should be able to beat St. Pat’s on Friday.

    17. Dayton (8-19): The Devils won twice last week to move up one spot. They will play Bellevue in the 36th district opener

    18. Bellevue (9-19): The Tigers lost to the Devils on Friday. Tommy Ratterman set the single season 3-point record.

    19. Heritage Academy (2-19): Heritage will play Walden to try and get win #3 this week.

    20. Covington Latin (1-16) Latin will try to beat the Trains in order to get their second win this year.

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    Oyler has an 8th grader ranked in top 10 of the 2023 class. Plays on the same AAU team as Lebrons son, so he’ll get plenty of attention. I can’t remember the young mans name but there was an article in the Enquirer on him earlier in the year.

    Oyler is a tiny CPS school K-12 in Lower price hill so I assume he plays varsity.

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    The Oldham County game was the very first time all year that Covington Catholic was playing at full strength. Jack Davin played for the first time since before Christmas, and Michael Mayer has finally joined the team on the court. I believe Mayer has averaged something like 8 points and 8 rebounds in the games he has played in this far. It will be interesting to see what kind of a difference having these two will make for the Colonels in the regional tournament.
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    Nice work!!