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Well considering that @Bluesport kind of stole my thunder a little last night, this article is probably pointless, but I said I was going to do it and I try to keep me word.

Only two 9th region teams left standing. One of them is a regular visitor to the championship game and the other is not. For the third time in 2019 the Tigers and the Colonels will battle.

I was a little disappointed this week. For all the talk and anticipation regarding the 9th region tournament, there were not many intense 4th quarters. Saturday night has the potential to be a game that we cite for the next ten years when talking about 9th region basketball.

I anticipate the student sections for both teams to be outrageous, the Park Hills and Fort Mitchell faithful to be on the edge of their seats, and the common fans to absorb the emotions themselves.

As a fan of the Tigers, I am glad it has come down to these two teams. I like establishing the 35th District as the best district in the region. The Colonels have something to prove and the Tigers resent the fact that they seem to still need to prove themselves in the eyes of some.

When I think about “Players to Watch” I honestly could not make any kind of list. Both teams need all five players to play well defensively and hit open shots. This is not a case of “If Thelen plays well, then they have it in the bag” or “If Draud scores 20, then the Tigers roll.” Both teams need their rebounders to establish position, their ball handlers to take care of the ball, their shooters to score, and their bench to be productive.” Neither team can afford to get into foul trouble and both sides have got to be sharp from the free throw line.

It’s going to be physical and the general consensus is that that type of play benefits Covington Catholic but the previous two meetings have been physical as well.

So who is going to win? Will it be the small school or the big school?

I remember Bobby “The Brain” Heenan say in October of 1997, when Roddy Piper was going to fight Hollywood Hogan in the cage at Halloween Havoc after beating him two previous times, that “it is impossible to beat Hulk Hogan three times in a row… but it also was impossible to beat Hulk Hogan two times in a row.”

Predicted Winner: Beechwood Tigers