Big Games:

Covington Catholic vs. Cooper (Jan. 12, Bluegrass Classic at NKU)

Newport Central Catholic vs. Holmes (Jan. 12, Bluegrass Classic at NKU)

Dayton vs. Bellevue (Jan. 9)

Prediction for 9th Region Tournament:

33rd District: Cooper (Winner), Boone County (Runner-Up)

34th District: Dixie Heights (Winner), St. Henry (Runner-Up)

35th District: Covington Catholic (Winner), Beechwood (Runner-Up)

36th District: Newport Central Catholic (Winner), Newport (Runner-Up)

1. Cooper (14-2) Enjoyed a successful week despite playing without leading scorer Adam Kunkel. Cooper defeated Highlands (61-43) and posted a huge victory against district rival Boone County (62-58). Leading Cooper through 14 games are Adam Kunkel (21.3 ppg. 7.3 rpg), Chris McNeil (11.1 ppg) and Braydon Runion (9.0 ppg). Games coming up: Simon Kenton (Jan. 9) and Covington Catholic (Jan 12).

Previous ranking: 1

2. Covington Catholic (12-3) Covington Catholic had a very successful week. The Colonels defeated district opponent Holy Cross (85-52), Conner (66-41) and Oak Hill, Indiana (69-53). Leading the Colonels through 15 games are C.J. Fredrick (21.4 ppg), Aiden Ruthsatz (17.5 ppg) and Jake Walter (10.9 ppg). Games coming up: Winton Woods (Jan. 9), Cooper (Jan. 12) and Middletown (Jan.14, Flying to the Hoops at Dayton, Ohio).

Previous ranking: 2

3. Newport (11-4) Played twice, beating Augusta (77-35) and Highlands (74-39). Through 15 games Newport is led by MeKell Burries (22.7 ppg), Tahj Harding (15.9 ppg) and Makhi McGuire(10.8 ppg). Games coming up: Lloyd (Jan.10) and Holy Cross (Jan.12).

Previous Ranking: 5

4. Boone County (10-6) Had a busy week playing against two district opponents. Played in three games overall, with wins against Sayre (80-51) and Ryle (61-30) but a loss to district rival Cooper (62-58).Through 16 games Boone County is led by Raymond Rodgers(17.7 ppg), Ethan Haynes (16.1 ppg) and Ethan Robbins(14.6 ppg). Games coming up: Scott (Jan. 10) and St. Henry (Jan.12).

Previous Ranking: 3

5. Newport Central Catholic (8-6) Played once and suffered a tough loss to Frederick Douglass (78-62). Through 14 games NewCath is led by Brennan Hall (24.8 ppg), Brendan Luken (12.2 ppg, 7.3 rpg) and Branden Posey (9.1 ppg). Games coming up: Beechwood (Jan. 9), Bellevue (Jan. 11) and Holmes (Jan.12 Bluegrass Classic at NKU).

Previous ranking: 4

6. Holy Cross (7-7) Played in two games, with a win against district rival Holmes (55-52) but a loss to district opponent Covington Catholic (85-52). Through 14 games Holy Cross is led by Parker Zimerman (16.4 ppg), Nolan Schrand (15.2 ppg) and Jordan Niehuas(13.0 ppg). Games coming up: South Dearborn (Jan. 10) and Newport (Jan. 12). Previous Ranking: 6

7. Beechwood (8-7) Had a successful week playing twice and winning both. Beechwood beat Noorwood (79-38) and Ryle (60-55). Through 15 games Beechwood is led by Scotty Draud (22.7 ppg) and C.J. Brannen (11.3 ppg). Games coming up: Newport Central Catholic (Jan. 9) and Lloyd (Jan.12)

Previous Ranking:8

8. Dixie Heights (7-9) Playing twice, Dixie Heights posted wins against St. Henry (58-49) and Ryle (59-37). Games coming up: Oldham County (Jan. 13). *Stats not available

Previous Ranking:13

9. Holmes (4-9) Played in three games, losing to Mason County (51-46), Holy Cross (55-52) and Scott (82-72). Through 13 games Holmes is led by Kerez Race (15.5 ppg), Jarrod Miller (11.7 ppg) and Donavin Saxon (13.0 ppg). Games coming up: Ryle (Jan. 9) and Newport Central Catholic (Jan. 12 Bluegrass Classic at NKU)

Previous Ranking: 7

10. Highlands - (6-8) The Bluebirds had a tough week, playing against two teams in the top five in Northern Kentucky. Highlands lost to both Cooper (61-43) and Newport (74-39). Through 14 games Highlands is led by Robby Gabbard (9.9 ppg). Games coming Up: Conner (Jan. 9), Ryle (Jan.11) and Dayton (Jan.13).

Previous Ranking: 10

11.St. Henry (5-8) - Played in two games and lost to Dixie Heights (58-49) and Lexington Catholic (63-49). After 13 games Wyatt Vieth leads the team in scoring (10.3 ppg). Games coming up: Boone County (Jan. 12).

Previous Ranking: 11

12. Ryle (6-8) After having a strong beginning of the year, Ryle lost three times last week. Ryle lost to Beechwood (60-55), Dixie Heights (59-37) and Boone County (61-30). Through 14 games Ryle is led by: Vince Rankin (20.7 ppg, 10.4 rpg) and Jacob Tarvin (7.8 ppg). Games coming up: Holmes (Jan. 9) and Highlands (Jan.11)

Previous Ranking: 9

13. Lloyd (6-8) -Played in three games, losing to Bishop Brossart (68-62) and Conner (57-56), but beating Henry County (53-52). Through 14 games Lloyd is led by Jordan Fann (15.4 ppg) and Jamal Neal (13.7 ppg). Games coming up: Newport (Jan.10) and Beechwood (Jan.12).

Previous Ranking: 12

14. Conner (5-11) Lost to Covington Catholic (66-41) and beat Lloyd Memorial (57-56). Conner also lost to Lexington Christian (83-56). Through 14 games Conner is led by Tanner Craddock (10.4 ppg) and Jared Hicks (10.5 ppg). Games coming up: Highlands (Jan.9) and Campbell County (Jan. 11).

Previous Ranking: 14

15. Bellevue (7-8) Lost to Seven Hills, Ohio (55-37) and beat Ludlow (56-50). Through 15 games Bellevue is led by Brett Maehren (17.0 ppg. 7.4 rpg) and Tommy Ratterman (13.1 ppg). Games coming up: Dayton (Jan. 9), Newport Central Catholic (Jan.11) and Silver Grove (Jan. 12).

Previous Ranking:15

16. Villa Madonna (8-7)- Played once, beating Dayton (69-41). Through 15 games played Villa is led by Sean McIntyre (13.3 ppg) and Ben Zalla (11.6 ppg). Games coming up: Calvary Christian (Jan. 9) and Heritage Academy ( Jan.12).

Previous Ranking: 16

17. Ludlow (2-12) Lost to Bellevue (56-50). Through 14 games Ludlow is led by Trey Donahue (12.1 ppg and 6.5 rpg) and Justin Blackburn (8.5 ppg). Games coming up: Heritage Academy (Jan. 9) and Calvary Christian (Jan.12).

Previous Ranking:17

18. Dayton (3-11) - Lost to Villa Madonna (69-41) and beat Heritage Academy (46-27). Through 14 games Dayton is led by Michael Marksberry (10.0 ppg) and Julian Jimenez (10.4 ppg). Games coming up this week: Bellevue (Jan. 9) and Highlands (Jan.13). Previous Ranking: 18

19. Heritage Academy (1-7) Lost to Dayton (46-27) and Covington Latin (72-53). Through eight games Heritage Academy is led by Jacob Chalk (18.5 ppg). Games coming up: Ludlow (Jan. 9), Villa Madonna (Jan. 12) and Evangel Christian (Jan. 13).

Previous 19