8th Region Week 8 Review - Collins Stays at #1

Page 3 of Week 8 gave us a little more insight into how this season will play out... 32 comments | 3532 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Quote Originally Posted by True blue (and gold) View Post
    This isn't simply illness. It is highly contagious. Several school districts have had to cancel school. If multiple players have it, they can be passing it on to others before they are even aware that they are sick.

    Kudos to Gallatin County for being proactive and attempting to prevent the continuance of spreading the germs.
    If that's the case--smart move. Hope the game is rescheduled at a later date. I think that game would be very entertaining.

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    Gallatin administration called off school today as well as all extra-curricular activities between now and Monday. I’d say it was out of the hands of the coaching staff. At this point in the season getting games rescheduled can be tough.

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    "Last night when we were young"

    Who knows? Maybe things work out and they play at New Castle in about a month...