Last week of the regular season...What a ride thus far and with our region we have some great match ups in district play. Valentines day this week could mean heart break for teams heading into tournament play. Let us not overlook some games that we have this upcoming week. Most of the coaches like a challenging game this week to sharpen the saw to say, while others may like to slide into district play. My hopes are that all players stay healthy this last week, and others get healthy as we make the push for the regional tourney at the Roy. We had a wild week in the 8th region that saw some of our top teams stumble a bit, but as I said earlier, hard to gauge certain losses because of injury's or sickness to players. Some like to compare scores and that will do nothing but give you a head ache. High school kids day to day, come with a lot of uncertainty This weeks ranking are based on who is hot right now, I am not concerned with what happened in December or even January for the most part, and I know that will spark some interest

1. Oldham County Colonels- (23-5)
Oldham went on the road and beat a much improved Desales team in a hard fought game, lost to CAL, then the next day thumped Meade County by 30. What a week for the Colonels. They have been challenged on the road the last week or so. Some may see it as a bump in the road or the Colonels are vulnerable.. you see what I think, they are still #1 in my rankings. Close games prepare you for March. The colonels have 1 game this week, Owen County on Thursday. A good week to get better and get some needed rest for a stretch run.

2. South Oldham Dragons- (22-4)
The Dragons seem to be hitting their stride as they destroyed Eminence, and then they went to the dreaded 5th region and Central Hardin beat the Dragons. The Dragons responded by defeating Owen County to round out the week. The Dragons round out this week by playing Walton Verona and Williamstown. Jo Griffin was watched by Coach Pitino this past week, it is awesome to see a kid that has worked as hard as Jo has to get some attention, and as I have said before I could see him walking on there next year. Coach Pitino loves Kentucky kids and they have always made an impact for him.

3. Walton Verona Bearcats- (22-5)
Take notice 8th region, this team is dangerous because of their style of play, a very good coach, kids who understand their roles. They are 15-1 in their last 16 games, yes it is a weaker schedule than most team in the 8th, but they have taken care of business none the less. The Bearcats defeated Lloyd Memorial, Henry County and St. Henry this week. A big game against the South Oldham boys this week will gauge where this team really is. Throw in Augusta and Carroll County this week and they are going to be busy. The Bearcats will play Simon Kenton in the district tourney so a HOT team will be going home early.

4. North Oldham Mustangs-(17-10)
This is another team that is dangerous to folks in the region. They are 10-1 in their last 11 games with a loss coming at South Oldham, a game that they were in until about 2 minutes left. They have some talented guards that can flat play, and guards win tournament games. The Mustangs defeated Owen and Meade County this week. A big game to see where they are this week against Collins. They also have Henry and go to Desales to end the week, so they will be tested for sure.

5. Collins Titans- (19-9)
This Collins team hopes they can get healthy, get some chemistry back and make a run to win this region. As I said earlier this team in my opinion when healthy, and firing on all cylinders is the best team in the region, but right now they are off a little bit, and that all can change in a flash. The Titans lost both games this week to Desales and St. Xavier, both really good teams. They have a busy upcoming week with North Oldham and CAL, both who are red hot. I am hearing that the Titans got Fort back from injury, it will take some time to get rust off, but still are missing Feltner. When both were out that is 23 points per game the Titans were missing.

6. Simon Kenton Pioneers- (14-12)
This Pioneers team is playing better. Went to Campbell County and won this week, and beat Anderson County also. They are peeking at the right time, and that is all that matters come tournament time. After this weekend records are 0-0, I would not want to play them right now. They got contributions from Andrew Robinson and Neice this week, and as I said earlier that is what they needed to get over the hump. The Pioneers have Cov Cath and Holmes this week, so we will see if they stay hot. Simon plays a brutal schedule and does not get any credit for that, possibly 2 state tournament teams in the last 2 weeks of the season, not to bad.

7. Spencer County Bears- (18-8)
The Bears dropped a couple spots, not because they are playing bad but because others are playing better. They defeated Shelby County and Louisville Collegiate this week, however lost to Rock Creek Indiana. The Bears have Bethlehem and Bullitt Central this week before heading into districts. Be careful travelling to the 5th region Bears, tough to win there. The Bears are young, so Coach Burns job this week is to regain focus and attention to detail, and he will. Do not look a head to Anderson County just yet.

8. Anderson County Bearcats- (15-11)
The Bearcats may have started top of the region this pre-season, but they have fallen to #8 this week, however that does not change the fact that they can get hot and play for a regional championship. No one can predict transfers, sickness, injury, etc. Too much good coaching, and Cobe Penny is not going away come tourney time. The Bearcats beat Carroll, Owen County, and lost to Simon in Independence. They have Western Hills and Franklin County this week. If the Bearcats can find someone else to score they will be a hard out.

9. Gallatin County Wildcats- (16-11)
The Wildcats and Coach Jones have put together a nice season, but if I know Jon Jones, he is eyeing a district championship and a regional run. The Wildcats stumbled a bit but it was because Wilson was out with an injury, he is slowly coming back as he played against Trimble County. Rassman starting to heat up gives them a 1-2 punch. The Wildcats defeated Trimble and Villa Madonna this week, they host Beechwood, and Shelby County this week.

10. Williamstown Demons- (15-13)
The Demons have an injury to Stanley, and it set them back this week, I hope he gets healthy as this Demon team can make the regional tourney in my opinion. The Demons lost to Pendleton, Bracken and Carroll County this week. The Bracken game was an Double OT thriller. They have Owen County and South Oldham this week, but their man objective get Stanley healthy.

11. Grant County Braves- (13-15)
The schedule for the Braves got a little difficult these last 2 weeks, as they lost to Scott County, Boone County, and Conner. I think playing hard teams may make the Braves a hard out come district tourney time. The Braves have Owen County and Beechwood this week, as they get ready for Williamstown in the district tournament.

12. Shelby County Rockets- (6-20)
The Rockets just have not been able to put it together this season. They have lots of seniors but they have not had any chemistry all year. They have talent to win, and I know that has to worry the Titans as it is a rival game in the district tournament. The Rockets defeated Henry County in a hard fought game this week, but lost to Spencer making them the #4 seed. They have Desales and Gallatin this week, both will be tough, as they travel to Warsaw and face the Wildcats.

13. Henry County Wildcats-(9-18)
This team has been so close yet so far away, just not consistent. However they will host the district and will play the #14 team in my rankings, it is a rival game so throw it up in the air, who knows. The Wildcats lost to Shelby County, and Walton Verona this week making it 5 straight losses. They play Trimble and North Oldham this week. The Hinkle kid deserves to be on the all region team, I hope he gets some votes.

14. Eminence Warriors- (13-12)
The Warriors lost this week badly to South Oldham, but finished out the year with a win over Trimble. The warriors are idle this whole week, no games at all, so they can either get rusty or put in some wrinkles for the Wildcats next week.

15. Owen County Rebetls- (6-20)
Been a tough year for the Rebels, they have lost some close games all season. They have lost 11 in a row, losing to North Oldham, Anderson and South Oldham this week. The Rebels have Grant County, Williamstown and Oldham this week. Another long, and tough week.

16. Carroll County Panthers- (6-20)
The Panthers got 2 wins this week over Bellevue and Williamstown and lost to Anderson County. They will face Owen County in the play in 4/5 game for the right to play Gallatin County in the tournament.

17. Trimble County Raiders- (3-22)
The Raiders lost to Gallatin and Eminence this week, and have Thomas Nelson, Henry County this week to round up the season. The Raiders will face Oldham County in the district tourney.

Player of the Week: Zach Kelch of Simon Kenton
Zach averages 12.8ppg, and 7.5 rebounds per game this season, and led the Pioneers to some big wins this week. Zach posted 19 points against Campbell County in the win over the top team from the 10th region.

Games to Watch this week:
Covington Catholic @ Simon Kenton 2/14 7:30
Walton Verona @ South Oldham 2/13 7:30
Collins @ North Oldham 2/14 7:30