What a head scratching week for basketball in general. Early season games will definitely make you start wondering, do I really know this team? Imagine coaches, they probably played 2-3 times this week, with some being in Classic's Saturday, quick turn around, would love some of my football coaching buddy's worry about 3 games instead of just 1. Here are some thoughts and insights

1. South Oldham- Previous rank #1- Hard to move someone that does not lose. I know some other teams have impressive wins, but the Dragons will be tested this week. Be careful 8th region teams in what you ask for. The Dragons again are scoring the basketball. They are the most unselfish team out there and fun to watch. They got wins over Grant where they made (19) 3's, Aaron Franklin with (7) of those, made (15) 3's against Spencer, and beat Ryle to go 3-0 this week. They have a big one looming with Anderson on Thursday but better not over look Cov. Holy Cross Tuesday on the road.

2. Oldham County-Previous rank #3- The colonels move up a spot with win at Anderson, impressive to say the least. Also got win against Grant and Trimble, 3-0 not to bad. They have Madison Central this week before hosting their tourney. Will be a test of how good their guards are as Feldhaus teams always defend. They got big games from Henderson, Larimore and Jones showing they have alot of different ways to beat you.

3. Anderson County-Previous rank #2-The Bearcats drop a spot losing to Oldham at home. However a great win against Valley where Penny went for 32 points. I worry about them handling pressure outside their 2 guards, one of the things Oldham exploited. They have to make FT's in big spots, it cost them some games last year, (Mercer and Lincoln at home)

4. Collins Titans-Previous rank #5- The Titans got some good wins this week, and in doing so put up some points. Jacob Feltner with (6) made 3's against Franklin, and a win over crosstown Shelby in a no brainer impressive. They had to battle the next day and lost to John Hardin where they struggled to score. Finding balance on both ends huge for the Titans.

5. Simon Kenton- Previous rank #4- The Pioneers lost to Mason in a good game, had some guys out so I contemplated not moving them with Collins, but some closer contests with Walton, and Ryle had me wondering. They did win them games and Walton was a district seed game. Conner and Shelby Co this week will tell us a lot about the Pioneer's, I am hearing that Kelch and Hawkins have played well, as the other cast is coming along too.

6. Walton Verona-Previous Rank #14- What about these Bearcats, they got some style points from me, they beat Gallatin Co, lost to Simon in a good game. They may not be here next week but as of now I like them at #6. Miles is having a good year for the Bearcats around 16ppg. They have Eminence, Villa Madonna and Highlands this week.

7. Gallatin Co-Previous Rank #7- Well the Wildcats didn't move in our ranking. They lost Walton by 2 in a thriller, beat Henry on the road for a district seed win, they have 2 more big ones with Carroll and Owen this week. Wilson had 28 points in the win at Henry and is averaging (20) per game.

8. North Oldham-Previous Rank #6- Playing without an all region guard is not easy, but hopefully experience is being gained by others. The Mustangs with Henry are better than #8, they lost to Male and Bardstown at home this week. Zach Wheeler had 14 points in both losses, his productivity will increase when he is not targeted the whole game. They have Atherton and Trimble this week.

9. Grant County-Previous Rank #9- Well the Braves did not move in ranking, they got beat down by the 29th district in Oldham and South Oldham, but the Braves are better than most thought they would be. They got a big district seed win against Williamstown also. They have Harrison and Buckhorn coming up.

10. Spencer County- Previous Rank #8- These Bears are fun to watch, they will beat some people they should not, but their physical strength is what will hurt them down the stretch, it comes with being a young player. They got beat badly against Bullitt East and South Oldham, both older teams. They got a win against Danville also. The got Western Hills and J-town this week hoping to get back on track.

11. Shelby County-Previous Rank #10- A new coach, football making late run, means learning and improving in December, I remember Louisville Central going 0-13 in December and playing for a championship in Rupp, not saying that happens here. Just know it will take some time. They had losses to CAL, and Collins. They have Simon on Friday with a week to prepare for them.

12. Carroll County- Previous rank #16- Big win over Owen boosts them up in the ranking, the did the lose to a Indiana team also. Big week to stay in this spot, Henry and Gallatin coming up.

13. Owen County- Previous Rank #11-They got some wins against Williamstown, and Trimble. Both were close games and they lost to Carroll, which was a seed game. They have Gallatin this week and Henry, big games for all those teams.

14. Williamstown-Previous rank #13- The Demons dropped a spot after losing some close contests this week. They lost to Grant and Owen in heart breakers and defeated Eminence. They have Highlands and Lloyd Memorial this week.

15. Eminence- Previous Rank #15- stayed the same, but got a huge win over Henry, lost to Williamstown, along with CAL. They have 3 guys in double digit scoring with Kemryn Jenkins 26ppg slate.

16. Henry County- Previous Rank #12- lost to Gallatin, and Eminence this week, 0-2 in the district, have Owen and Carroll this week with a chance to get caught back up. Big week for the Wildcats

17. Trimble County- Previous rank #17-Lost 3 this week to Oldham, Eminence, and Owen. Was a good game against Owen, and they are being competitive with who they should be, hope the Raiders get a win over the Christmas break, they have North Oldham and St. Patrick this week.