8th region/ 30th district summer

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    Does anyone know the weekend Spencer/ Trinity score. I know Collins and Shelby host a huge tourney this weekend where Collins is in the same pool at Trinity. I think Anderson is playing a very watered down schedule this summer, not sure but believe they played Sayre and maybe St Patrick last week, and possible Cornerstone. Would like to know how they did if anyone knows.
    Shelby lost to Henry and PRP Friday night.....They will travel to Sayre today for a JV/ Varsity double header followed by a possible stop at Applebees
    Spencer lost by alot, but starter Jackson Cole wasn't there and Coach Burns is working on developing his bench so I don't know if you can do any comparisons. Summer league comparisons won't show you anything.

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    You talking about Sayre that beat Tates Creek, Henry Clay, Bryan Station, South Laurel, etc. the last couple of years, as watered down. I can't speak for St. Pat, but Sayre outside of 11th isn't exactly watered down. Although, I have not seen them this summer, I know they lost a lot. Maybe they aren't as good, but heard it was a good game with Anderson.

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