8th Region 2018/19

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    If WV was over-hyped it was due to the size on their roster and the addition of Stanley over the summer. Similar to Carson William's Owen County teams from a few years ago, it looked like a small school had a legit shot at winning the 8th. That doesn't happen very often. Lot of fans around the region would like to see the status quo (Oldham/South Oldham/Anderson/Collins rota) broken. WV wisely beefed up their schedule and their performance in the KOB and Lex Cath tourneys validated expectations.

    Some will say losing Miles ruined their chances this year. Hard to argue losing a 6'10" kid that will play on the next level doesn't hurt. For me the few games I saw them I didn't think they played fast enough relative to their talent. South Oldham isn't as talented but when they hooked up in the regional their shooting was superior and they played much faster. As simple as that sounds that was the difference.

    The rest of the coaches in the 8th ought to pay attention to what Oldham/South Oldham's coaches are doing. They play extremely fast...pressure you all over the court on defense and shoot an unholy amount of 3's on offense. If you can't play that way you will continue to get steam-rolled by them. Plus they do it without elite size or athleticism.

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    Outofbounds--you hit the nail on the head!! High school basketball follows the formula you just mentioned. Size can actually be a problem when defending teams like South Oldham.

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    Cards probably the first time, we agree 100%, i look for Jones too turn it up next year for Gallatin. Stanley made Walton much better last year.