Getting back on schedule for the ramp up to post season. One more week of regular season left and there will be some games that will help identify who is getting hot at the right time and could be a post season contender. This ranking will not change much from the past week, but observations will be around who seems to be catching their stride coming into the home stretch.

1) Bullitt East (22-4)- On surface this team is still far and away the top team in the region. The question is are they coming into the final week in a good place? They are undefeated in the region and only 3 losses to KY teams (Trinity, St. X, & Bardstown). Since the BTown loss they have won 6 in a row, but they also have been in closer games with some teams that makes you wonder how vulnerable they may be.

2) Doss (21-4)- Nobody can make the claim that Doss can make that they are coming down the stretch run with more momentum and firepower. Doss only lost to (2) 6th region teams, Fern Creek & Butler. However, that was before Christmas. Their last loss was a month ago and they have won 8 straight since then with the closest game a 14 point margin. At this time they must be considered a very strong contender to BE for the 6th Region crown.

3) Fern Creek (16-10)- Fern Creek's season has been like a roller coaster ride. Opened the season with 5 wins and then lost 4 of the next 5. Then they win 3 in a row and lose 3 of the next 4. They had a string of 6 games w/o their starting PG and went .500 and since they got everybody back healthy they are on a 3 game win streak. They are a contender because they have only lost to Bullitt East from the 6th region and that was in a very close game.

4) North Bullitt (21-5)- North Bullitt lost to rival Bullitt East in a closer game (9 pts) than what some expected in their most recent outing. However, they have lost their last 2 games and despite a glossy record the question remains on how tough a schedule it was. They should advance out of their district with a win over Bullitt Central, but will be a mystery how much damage they might do in regional play.

5) Valley (18-10)- Valley has went 6-2 since the LIT in January. They have as many wins against 6th region teams as anybody (10). However, the two losses were within their last 3 games as they dropped close games to Butler (-2) & Fern Creek (-5). They have the benefit of playing the regional tourney on their home floor which makes them a contender.

6) Butler (12-10)- Like Valley they have the most wins over 6th region teams (10) and since January they are 7-2 versus 6th region opponents only losing to Fern Creek & Bullitt East. Butler could play a spoiler role, but lacks the firepower to put a deep run together to claim the 6th region title.

7) PRP (12-9)- PRP is the wild card of the 6th region. You can never count out a Dale Mabrey coached team at tournament time. This year is different because they likely would not be considered a serious threat. However, that makes them the most dangerous team in the region. They end the season against Fern Creek and JTown which will determine if they enter to post season on a bump or a drop.

8) Western (10-10)- Western is what you would call an average team. They are .500 on the season and in the region. Since January they are playing .500 ball against 6th region teams. There is nothing to suggest they will change in the post season to pose a threat.

9) Southern (14-10)- Southern only beat Iroquois by 6 last week and has not really shown any indication that they could make a serious run during the post season. They will play Moore in a first round district game in what could be considered a toss up game to see who advances to the regional tourney.

10) Jeffersontown (10-15)- JTown has recently beaten Moore and North Bullitt with a loss to Doss sandwiched in between. The Doss loss was by about 20, but the Moore victory was by 9. They are 2-1 in their last 3 games and if they finish the season with wins over Butler, PRP, and Southern they could potentially be one of the fastest rising teams in the region as they head into post season play.

11) Moore (8-15)- Moore has lost 4 in a row and 6 of their last 7. They are running out of time to turn things around and may be the most under achieving team this season. It does not look like they can change things around.

12) Fairdale (9-15)- Fairdale has had 3 consecutive losses to Fern Creek, PRP, & BE. The silver lining is they were close in each game and just needed a stop here or there. They still do not appear to have enough weapons to make a serious run to win the 6th.

13) Holy Cross (10-17)- Doubtful they make it to regional play. Even if they did, it is hard to see any chance they get through first round if they were to make it that far.

14) Beth Haven (18-9)- They end the season with (2) out of region games which could allow a few more wins. When tourney play starts they will likely be done after their first game.

15) Bullitt Central (7-15)- Beat Holy Cross so they probably deserve to be switched with Holy Cross. It would not matter, the best that BC can do is upset North Bullitt to sneak into the regional tournament. I just do not see that happening.

16) DeSales (7-16)- A nice win for DeSales over Collins. Not sure they have another win to capture in the 6th region, but they could beat Iroquois in their 1st round of district play.

17) Iroquois (7-19)- The Raiders have not won in 2016 and their best chance is the last game of the season against rival DeSales. A win that night would be a big boost.

18) Evangel Christian (11-10)- Evangel has the KY Christian Athletic Association tourney this week and may be able to win some games, but will not win any during 6th region post season play.

19) Whitefield Academy (2-24)- Portland Christian and Ft Knox give hope to ending the loss streak, but realistically the season ends when they play Bullitt East and the loss string will be at 14 when it is officially over.