With many games canceled from the snow last week, I counted yesterday games in the new rankings as many teams only had a single game or none at all from last rankings.

1) Bullitt East (16-3)- Nice 15 point win over Manual and a blowout over Meade County. Still the dominating team of the region with a 4-0 record. Hats off to Tyler Sharpe, the new 3 point career record holder at Bullitt East. The young man has built quite a legacy.

2) Doss (13-4)- No games since the loss in the LIT to Male, but they deserve this ranking with Fern Creek losing again to Ballard and North Bullitt losing to North Oldham. Doss has a rematch with PRP and then should run through their next four opponents with little trouble.

3) Fern Creek (11-8)- Fern Creek beat JTown by 29, but also lost for a 2nd time to Ballard on the road by 11. The region record for FC is now 4-1 with the only loss a very close contest at Bullitt East.

4) North Bullitt (17-3)- 2-1 since last ranking with a nice win over Southern and then a very solid win over South Oldham to give them only their 2nd loss. Just when you want to reward them and bump them up, they go out and lose to North Oldham who they had beat by over 20 right before Christmas. This team shoots the three ball very well as a team with over 53% of those shots falling. Those few games they do not shoot it well are likely when they are vulnerable.

5) Valley (12-8)- Valley has not played since the LIT, but have games against Atherton, Western, Fairdale coming up.

6) PRP (9-6)- PRP has had a long break since the loss in the LIT to Doss. They have a rematch with Doss and then Central coming up.

7) Butler (9-8)- Two wins moves the Bears up as they beat Southern and DeSales.

8) Southern (11-9)- Three losses in a row to North Bullitt, Butler, and Male drop Southern. The region record is 6-5 so they are probably where they need to be ranked at the #8 spot.

9) Western (8-8)- An 18 point loss to Central is the only recent game. Western is .500 on the overall season and in region play.

10) Moore (6-9)- Moore had won 3 games in a row for the first time this season after badly beating Evangel, but lost their only recent game to Manual. They are 4-4 in the region.

11) Fairdale (7-10)- Big win over Atherton. 3-3 in region play.

12) Iroquois (7-12)- Loss streak is now 6, but 3-5 in the region.

13) DeSales (5-11)- 3-6 in regional play.

14) Holy Cross (7-12)- Holy Cross went 2-1 and have a 2-6 region record.

15) Bullitt Central (5-10)- 12 game loss streak ends with a victory on the road over JTown.

16) JTown (6-12)- JTown has now lost 5 in a row. First two games with Delvonte McCloud back. He will help, but he needs to get in basketball shape to play major minutes,

17) Beth Haven (14-7)- A win and a loss to Shawnee by 2 in the All A Classic.

18) Evangel Christian (8-7)- Only 1 win in the region against Whitefield.

19) Whitefield Academy (2-18)- Two more losses.