The 6th & 7th Region top tier teams all met in the LIT last week and candidly the 7th can lay claim as the tougher region based on the results. Only (3) 6th Region teams made the quarterfinals, Doss, Fern Creek, & Bullitt East. The 7th region made a clean sweep to the semi-finals when Doss lost to Male, Fern Creek to Ballard, and Bullitt East to St. Xavier.

1) Bullitt East (14-3)- It was not the finish that many thought for Bullitt East losing in the quarterfinals. St. X has played some really good basketball lately and got the upset. However, BE easily beat 6th region foe Butler in their first game and until somebody in the 6th region knocks them off they must still be considered the clear favorite to stay atop of the region. This week should be all wins with 3 out of region opponents that are not overly dangerous threats to BE.

2) Fern Creek (10-7)- FC won their first game, but lost in the quarterfinals to eventual champion Ballard. They beat a tough Central team in their first game in overtime. They now play Jeffersontown & Southern this week to improve upon their 3-1 6th region record, but they will be without their sophomore PG, Anthony Wales, who has been playing with a pulled groin since their game in the Clem Haskins Invitational. He could be out for several weeks.

3) Doss (13-4)- Doss won their first game by double digits over PRP, but then lost by 15 to Male at the LIT. Still they are now hitting stride and deserve to be in the next top 2-3 teams behind Bullitt East. With two games this week against 6th region Jeffersontown and Moore expect Doss to show they are threats to contend.

4) North Bullitt (15-2)- NB lost in their first round game to St. X by a large margin, 63-45. They then beat Spencer County to show they take care of business when they play teams that are not serious threats. St. X is a good team, but it really is the only good team that NB has played except for the team from Washington DC and they lost both badly. PRP is their best victory and that team has lost 3 of their last 4. They play Southern this week before they again play out of region teams that are not that tough of opponents.

5) Valley (12-8)- While hosting the LIT it was a huge victory over Southern to advance to the Sweet 16 of the LIT where they lost in respectable fashion to Trinity. Big games against PRP & Western are scheduled this week.

6) Southern (11-6)- Southern lost a close game to Valley in the LIT that would have been a big boost to this team. They did bounce back beating Whitefield Academy by a large margin. This week is two tough tests that could improve their ranking if they can upset either North Bullitt or Fern Creek.

7) PRP (9-6)- In their only game last week PRP lost to Doss by 12. In this week's match-ups they play Valley and Fairdale so this could be a week where the season rebounds or gets tougher.

8) Butler (7-8)- Butler won over Western by 3 in the LIT and then lost in the round of 16 to Bullitt East by 21. They play DeSales in their only game this week.

9) Western (8-7)- In their only game of the week Western lost by 3 to Butler. THis week they play 6th region opponents Iroquois & Valley.

10) Moore (6-8)- Moore has won 3 games in a row for the first time this season after badly beating Evangel in their only game of the week. They have a tougher slate this week with Iroquois and Doss.

11) Fairdale (6-10)- Bad home loss to Seneca last week while Central & PRP await. Both of those teams are much tougher than Seneca.

12) Iroquois (7-11)- Tough home loss to Holy Cross by 4 last week takes the losing streak to 5. If they lose to Western & Moore this week the Raiders will drop significantly.

13) Jeffersontown (6-10)- Lost bad to CAL and games loom this week with Fern Creek and also Doss.

14) Holy Cross (5-11)- Holy Cross gets a bump with their win over Iroquois, but they also lost a game to Seneca.

15) DeSales (5-10)- now 6 losses in a row after the loss to KCD in the LIT, however, all 6 of those losses were to solid teams and DeSales deserves credit for playing a tough schedule.

16) Beth Haven (13-6)- BH has now won 3 in a row.

17) Bullitt Central (3-12)- Losses to Atherton and Henry County take the streak to 11.

18) Evangel Christian (8-6)- Lost their only game of the week big to Moore by almost 30 points.

19) Whitefield Academy (2-16)- Lost to Southern by 36 points and after beating St. Francis by 18 to notch their second win of the season they turned around and lost to them in the All A Classic by 4.