6th Region Rankings (1/10/16)

1) Bullitt East (13-2)- BE played back to back games this week against District foes, Fern Creek & Whitefield. Blow out versus Whitefield and a last minute thriller against Fern Creek. Tyler Sharpe hit a huge 3 pointer when BE was down 5 under 4 minutes to go and then he sealed the deal with several free throws following an old fashioned 3 point play on a layup and 1 with under a minute to go gave BE a five point lead. Prime time team led by a prime time player. Bullitt East should be considered a favorite in the upcoming LIT and at a minimum will likely be playing on Saturday.

2) North Bullitt (14-1)- PRP held the spot last week, but NB jumps over Fern Creek to replace PRP after beating PRP by 9 in a game played on a neutral court, Whitefield Academy. NB gets to prove again they are worthy of a Top 2 ranking when they play a solid 7th region St. X team this upcoming week. They could get a shot at playing Bullitt East in the LIT if they get past their 1st round opponent.

3) Fern Creek (9-6)- The Tigers started out the week with a win over Butler, but then let a great upset opportunity over Bullitt East slip away in the final minutes. They then lost to Lawrence Central on Saturday, the 6th ranked 4-A Indiana team from Indianapolis. Fern Creek's losses have came against the Top 2 teams (Male & Trinity) in the current 7th region BGP rankings, the Top team (Bullitt East) in the current 6th region BGP ranking, the Top team (North Hardin) in the current 5th region, and two teams (#6 Lawrence Central, IN & #7 Evanston, IL) who are highly ranked from their respective states. Few in the state have played as tough a schedule as Fern Creek, but they have to show they can win more of the big games than they have to date.

4) Doss (12-3)- Doss scored big victories over Valley & DeSales to improve to 4-2 in region play and then beat Taylor County by 12 at the host team gym during the final game of the Clem Haskins Invitational. Doss has improved from the early season more than anybody and has made themselves a legitimate contender to repeat for the 6th region title. They were considered to be ranked higher and possibly even ahead of Fern Creek, but they lost to FC by 12 and also lost to Bowling Green who was beaten by Fern Creek by 12. Make no mistake, Doss could be the hottest team in the region and this week at LIT they may play themselves into a higher ranking for next week.

5) Southern (10-5)- The big game last week that moves Southern into the Top 5 is a victory over PRP on the road. They also recorded two other victories to go 3-0 and now must be considered a team that can make some noise behind Sr. guard Donquel Andrews who is a fierce competitor that has an edge to his game not matched by many in the 6th region.

6) Valley (11-7)- Valley did not have a good week with 2 double digit losses to Doss and to North Oldham. However, they are being ranked ahead of PRP who also lost two games last week because they are 5-2 in region play compared to 3-3 for PRP.

7) PRP (9-5)- PRP lost two games by a combined point total of 20 points last week losing to Southern at home and North Bullitt at a showcase game held at Whitefield High School. In between they did beat Beth Haven who has not been too much of a threat for any of the larger schools in the region. Help may be on the way as former Fern Creek sophomore, Trey Hill, moved into the PRP district and has been attending school there since the holiday break. He is awaiting to be cleared to begin play at this time.

8) Western (8-6)- Two wins last week against Jeffersontown and Seneca show the Warriors can defeat the teams they are supposed to beat. However, their best victory to date is against Moore who is now ranked behind them.

9) Butler (6-7)- Butler went 1-1 this week losing to Fern Creek on their home court by 10 points before winning against Iroquois by 16 also on their home court. Butler plays Western in a 1st round LIT game this week.

10)Moore (5-8)- Moore has won back to back games this week for the first time this season and now is approaching the .500 mark. They did not make the LIT, but they will gain another victory to go three in a row with an easy game against Evangel.

11) Fairdale (6-9)- Fairdale sits just outside the Top 10 this week even after winning 2 games with a lone loss as they went 2-1. However, the loss was to Moore by 14 and both wins were against lesser opponents, Pendleton County & DeSales.

12) Iroquois (7-10)- Iroquois has now lost 4 in a row and 6 of their last 7. It will be hard to consider them a contender this year, but on the right night they could pull an upset. Their most recent game they went down to 13th region Whitley and almost beat that team who is in the upper half of ranked teams in the 13th region. It shows the potential of the lower ranked teams in the 6th region still could fare well in many other regions.

13) Jeffersontown (6-9)- Lost both games last week. They are scheduled to play CAL this week in their lone game before they play district foe Fern Creek the following week. They too are waiting on whether Delonte McCloud may be ruled eligible who transferred from Doss and would really boost the prospects of this team if he is able to play.

14) DeSales (5-9)- They lost three in a row by falling to St. X, Doss, and Fairdale. All together they have a 5 game losing streak and are a shell of the DeSales team of last year that made the Regional Finals.

15) Beth Haven (11-6)- They did go 2-1 including a win over Evangel, but their loss to PRP was by 43 points. They just cannot compete with the larger schools in the 6th region.

16) Bullitt Central (3-10)- Streak is now 9 losses in a row as they are the lowest ranked public school in the 6th region.

17) Evangel Christian (8-5)- Two losses including a loss to Beth Haven from the 6th region.

18) Holy Cross (4-10)- Lost their only game of the week big.

19) Whitefield Academy (2-15)- Won over St. Francis to notch their second win, but then lost their next two games by a combined score of over 80 points.