6th Region Rankings (12/15/16)

1) Bullitt East (6-0)- Far and away the #1 team. BE continues to win handily with their closest recent game a double digit victory over a solid Cordia team. BE plays Waggener in their first game at the KOB this weekend.

2) Fern Creek (5-2)- After beating Seneca by 39 points, Fern Creek suffered their first lost to Trinity and then lost again to Male for back to back defeats. Each of those losses were on the road to undefeated teams. Fern Creek may not be as deep after one of their better players, Trey Hill, is said to be transferring. They will play another undefeated team in their first game at the KOB when they face off against Bowling Green.

3) Pleasure Ridge Park (4-1)- PRP won a tough game against Kentucky Country Day 58-53, but then lost their first game of the season to Butler by 12 points. They are off until they host their own holiday event the days leading up to Christmas. The extra time in practice will have them ready.

4) North Bullitt (6-0)- North Bullitt beat Fairdale by 15 so they are a good team worthy at this point to be in the Top 5. Some may even say an undefeated team deserves higher than #4. However, they only beat Bullitt Central by 5 who has lost 3 games including losses to Southern & Valley. North Bullitt also won a close game over Iroquois by 3 points and that same Iroquois team was beaten by Fern Creek by 44 points.

5) Valley (5-2)- Valley lost to Waggener 72-58, but also won a close game against a solid Oldham County team 79-77. They are young, but they are growing up together and will be a team that has to be considered a Top 5 team.

6) Southern (3-2)- Doss opened with a 10 point win over Southern and they also lost a 1 point game to DeSales. However, they have beaten three Region 6 teams in Fairdale, Moore, and Bullitt Central.

7) Butler (3-2)-Butler has an excellent coach and it is beginning to show. After an opening night loss to Fairdale by 1 point, the only other loss is to Bullitt East by 16. The last two games have been victories over PRP and Doss who both are 6th region rivals to Butler.

8) Iroquois (4-2)- After an opening night 44 point blowout lost to Fern Creek, Iroquois ran off 4 straight victories before losing by 3 to North Bullitt. If North Bullitt is #4, then a case can be made for Iroquois to be this high.

9) Doss (3-2)- Butler beat Doss by 3 on Doss court to give them their 2nd 6th region loss, but they also have a Ballard win to their credit. They could climb higher and likely will

10) Bullitt Central (3-3)- Bullitt Central really does not have any quality wins, but their three losses have been close losses to teams ranked higher in the 6th region. Losses to Valley & North Bullitt by 5 points and a 9 point loss to Southern actually deliver more favorable impressions than their wins.

11) Western (3-3)- Winning the games that they play against lower ranked teams and losing the games against higher ranked teams. They are pretty middle of the road.

12) Moore (1-3)- Best 1 win team in the region. They will not be down this far very long, but only one win and that was a 1 point win over Valley which requires them to be this low.

13) Fairdale (2-4)- 2 wins over Butler & Holy Cross, but 4 losses prevent any higher ranking.

14) DeSales (2-3)- Beat Southern by 1 in a close game and then lost by 2 to Iroquois and 9 to Western.

15) Beth Haven (5-1)- Played one team in the 6th region and lost. That was Valley which they lost by 20. Very good when they play teams that are similar in size and scope though.

16) Jeffersontown (1-5)- Got their 1st win over Whitefield Academy.

17) Evangel Christian (3-3)- Lost to Beth Haven by almost 30 but played Bullitt Central to a 9 point game.

18) Holy Cross (1-5)- Opened with a win over Shawnee, and have not won since.

19) Whitefield Academy (1-6)- Going to be a long season and only competitive playing much smaller schools outside of the 6th region.