1. John Hardin (17-0): The Bulldogs amazing season continues with winning all four games which included winning their section in the 2A Tournament. They beat Adair County on the road 73-33, beat district foe Central Hardin in a nail biter 68-67 at home, beat Larue County 64-63 in a classic game, and beat Christian Academy Louisville 84-52 to win their section. What John Hardin has done so far has been tremendous. All they have done is continue to win, no matter who it is against. They have won three games by one point this year, which shows how good they are in late close games. In the win over Central Hardin, Aaron Scott led them with 21 points and 5 made threes.

2. Larue County (13-3): The Hawks played in the 2A Tournament and won one game and lost the other game. Larue County beat Nelson County 66-44 and lost in a heartbreaking fashion to John Hardin 64-63. Larue lost to John Hardin in the closing seconds, just like the year before in the region title. The loss hurt for Larue I am sure, but they know that they are right there with John Hardin. I will be very surprised if John Hardin and Larue donít play again and if they do, we can only hope for another great game. Noah Davis led Larue County in points in the win against Nelson County.

3. Central Hardin (11-6): The Bruins played two games this week where they won one game and lost the other. The Bruins lost to district foe John Hardin 68-67 on the road in a great team effort, and they beat district opponent Fort Knox 57-14. Central Hardin almost got a massive statement win against John Hardin, but they couldnít win the close contest. Central Hardin is the third best team in the region, but are very capable of making a run at the region title, as they could beat both Larue and John Hardin. In the loss to John Hardin, Jacob Hobbs had 27 points and 11 rebounds.

4. Taylor County (12-4): The Cardinals played two games this week with one win and a loss in the 2A Tournament. They beat Monroe County 88-53 at home and lost to Christian Academy Louisville 68-66 at Christian Academy Louisville. The Cardinals have been a good team this year, but they havenít shown the consistency to be a top 3 team in the Region so far. Taylor loses three starters, so the Cardinals will try to make another magical postseason run. Kybrin Smith led Taylor with 21 points and 8 rebounds in the loss to Christian Academy Louisville.

5. Marion County (12-5): The Knights played just one game this week and that was the 2A Tournament which they lost. Marion County lost to Desales 70-67 at home. Marion had a great start to the year, but they have struggled some lately as they have lost three out of their last four games. Overall though, Marion has been very good and has competed against some good teams. John Adams led Marion with 19 points in their loss against Desales.

6. Elizabethtown (9-7): The Panthers played four games this week and won three of them. They beat district opponent Fort Knox 76-34 on the road, they beat North Hardin in a dandy 65-64 at home, they beat Meade County 70-63 on the road, and lost to Butler 76-64 in the Bluegrass Cellular New Yearís Eve Classic. The Panthers are playing their best ball of the season right now. This is a team who have shown to be a good team after expectations were this was going to be a rebuilding year. Camden Williams had 34 points in the win over North Hardin including the game winning basket.

7. Washington County (10-4): The Commanders won both their games this week. They beat district opponent Nelson County 69-55 on the road and beat Model 76-60 at home. This is a Washington County team who has a lot of experience and it has shown, as they have won six out of their last seven games. When you think of good teams in the 5th Region, you donít hear Washington mentioned, but they are a very solid team. Drew Yates had 35 points in the win over Nelson County.

8. Bardstown (9-9): The Tigers played two games this week and won both against district teams. They beat Bethlehem 59-46 on the road and beat Thomas Nelson 68-57 at home. The Tigers have been inconsistent so far this year, but this week was a good week. The best part for Bardstown is, they should be a team that competes in the regional tournament once again this year. Tereylin Calbert had 26 points in the win over Thomas Nelson and hit an insane 8 threes in the game.

9. Adair County (8-8): The Indians played one game this week in the 2A Tournament in which they lost. Adair County lost to John Hardin 73-33 at home. This was a bad draw for the Indians, but they still did not put up a very good showing. Adair has been better than expected, but they have struggled some lately. Jordan Simpson had 10 points in the loss to John Hardin.

10. Campbellsville (7-9): The Eagles played one game this week in which they won. They beat Hart County 86-78 at home in a high scoring affair. The Eagles have started the year slow, but hope to get it going before postseason, like they did last year. Malachi Corley is back for Campbellsville and he led the Eagles with 26 points and 9 rebounds in the win over Hart County.

11. North Hardin (5-13): The Trojans played two games and they lost both. They almost got a great statement win, but lost at the buzzer. The record isnít good, but it would be hard to find a better 5-13 team in the state.

12. Hart County (4-10): The Raiders played one game this week which ended in a loss. They were without John Shoulders for a while due to injury, but it has really been a struggle lately. They have won one out of their last nine games.

13. Thomas Nelson (9-8): The Generals lost both games this week. They are still one win away from double digit wins, which would be a huge accomplishment compared to last yearís season.

14. Green County (6-10): The Dragons only played one game and it was a district win. Green County really needed that win, as they stopped a four-game losing streak by picking up that win.

15. Bethlehem (3-11): The Eagles played one district game this week and it was a loss. It has been a rough season for the Eagles, but with a new coach and a young squad, you expect it to get better.

16. Caverna (1-13): The Colonels played three games this week and lost all three games. Itís been a rough season, as they are currently on a thirteen-game losing streak.

17. Nelson County (1-18): The Cardinals played in three games this week and lost all three games. It has been a disappointing year as they have lost ten games in a row.

18. Fort Knox (1-10): The Eagles played two district games this week and lost both games. They are in a five game losing streak and to make matters worse, they have all been blowout losses.