5th Region Player of the Year

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    If Taylor county didn't recruit like they do they would just be mediocre . Gaines moved from bowling green area, Sloan from lville ... Ohh wait morgenson moved to play there last year .

    Give me a break they should have been giving sanctions like cordia
    Its only a matter of time before the hammer comes down. A program can not continue to blatantly break the rules and get away with it. The KHSAA seems to have taken the stance of imposing the harshest of penalties or none at all.

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    Green County 15-8
    Taylor County 12-7
    Caverna 11-10

    I wouldn't say there is much to differentiate between their records. I guess the biggest question is what would each of these teams look like without their star players.
    Green County hasn't played nearly the competition that Taylor County has. Not even close.