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We are still less than three weeks away from the first of two showdowns featuring the top two teams in the Second Region Ė Christian County and Hopkinsville. Neither team has done anything in recent weeks to alter any arguments that they are indeed the top two teams in the region.

And none of the teams chasing those two have done anything to show they can crash their party.

Webster County, ranked fourth in the region last week, was clobbered by Christian County 65-33, while Hopkinsville beat Madisonville, ranked third, 88-76.

University Heights has a Tuesday matchup with Christian County before embarking on another All-A Classic run, made a bit easier this year with the decision by Crittenden County, Livingston Central, and Lyon County to sit this year out because they feel they canít compete with private schools that provide scholarships to student-athletes.

Henderson County continued their inconsistent play, which is expected from a young team, and Trigg County has struggled to find that same consistent play.

Second Region Rankings

1. Christian County
2. Hopkinsville
3. Madisonville
4. Webster County
5. University Heights
6. Henderson County
7. Trigg County
8. Caldwell County
9. Union County
10. Hopkins County Central
11. Livingston Central (+1)
12. Lyon County (-1)
13. Fort Campbell
14. Dawson Springs
15. Crittenden County