2018 Titans/Rockets Summer Tournament

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    2018 Titans/Rockets Summer Tournament

    This Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th, there will be a 24 team varsity tournament held between Collins High School and Shelby County High School. This has become the biggest annual tournament in the state. For the first time this year, there will be JV play in the morning on both days as well, with a JV tournament on Saturday.

    MLCHS Gymnasium

    Pool A
    Larue County, Doss, Trinity (W)

    Pool B
    Woodford County, West Jessamine, Manual

    Pool C
    St. X, North Oldham, Desales

    Pool D
    Trinity (G)

    Friday Schedule

    Main Gym Auxiliary Gym

    Larue vs Trinity (W) 2:00 pm Woodford vs. West Jessamine

    Woodford vs. Manual 3:00 pm Doss vs. Larue

    Doss vs. Trinity (W) 4:00 pm Manual vs. West Jessamine

    St. X vs. North Oldham 5:00 pm Collins vs. Ryle

    Ryle vs. Trinity (G) 6:00 pm N. Oldham vs. Desales

    Trinity (G) vs. Collins 7:00 pm Desales vs. St. X

    Shelby County Gymnasium

    Pool F
    Madison Central, Taylor County, Southwestern

    Pool G
    North Bullitt, Danville, Pulaski

    Pool H
    Shelby County, Lafayette, CAL

    Pool I
    Oldham County, McCracken County, Central

    Main Gym Auxiliary Gym

    Madison Central vs. Taylor County 2:00 pm Danville vs. Pulaski

    Danville vs. North Bullitt 3:00 pm Madison Central vs. Southwestern

    Southwestern vs. Taylor County 4:00 pm Pulaski vs. N. Bullitt

    Shelby vs. Lafayette 5:00 pm Oldham vs. McCracken

    Oldham vs. Central 6:00 pm Lafayette vs. CAL

    Shelby vs. CAL 7:00 pm Central vs. McCracken

    ****Varsity Tournament will be played Saturday starting at 12pm.

    JV Teams Participating---JV Games will be played at 11, 11:45, and 12:30 on Friday.

    Pool A (MLCHS Gymnasium)
    Collins Black, West Jessamine, Manual

    Pool B (MLCHS Gymnasium)
    Doss, Woodford, Collins Blue

    Pool C (Shelby Gymnasium)
    Shelby, CAL, Madison Central

    Pool D (Shelby Gymnasium)
    Oldham, Ballard, Pulaski

    ****JV Tournament will be played Saturday morning before Varsity Tournament.

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    Any results from play yesterday?

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    Trinity ended up winning with a 20 point victory. Overall good tourney. I believe it was Larue they beat in champ game. St X is missing a lot of size. Johnson on Trinity did not play particularly good in game I watched but you could see he could do basically whatever he wanted.
    North Oldham very young. Collins is a team to watch once Vail is back healthy and all the transfers coming are Ok'ed.