2018-19 8th Region

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    2018-19 8th Region

    Somebody recommended starting this thread. So here goes.

    I looked at returning scoring for the top 7 teams from this year and it shows me that this region will be way down next year. The 8th region loses alot of veteran stars and some that have been historically at the top may slip some. Transfers and improving players can always change things. North Oldham and Anderson County taking the biggest hits. Oldham county losing a lot. But here is a list of the top seven teams and the top scorers returning for each team:

    Collins Spencer County Oldham Anderson

    McKnight 12.3 Conley 13.9 Harper 6.9 Rice 5.0

    Vail 11.2 Cole 10.5 Teague 4.6 McKee 2.8

    Turner 4.2 Seawright 9.8 Dewitt 4.0 Labhart 2.1

    Kidwell 3.0 Whitlock 8.6 Mesker 2.5 Rutherford 2.0

    Eades .9 Hornback 3.0 McLarty 1.7 Gillis 1.9

    South Oldham Simon Kenton Walton Verona

    Luke Morrison 15.0 Niece 16.5 Pardee 10.1

    Seth Johnson 3.7 Davis 6.3 Miles 7.1

    Cranfill 2.6 Hensley 5.0 Grubbs 5.3

    Schadt 2.0 Lair 2.4 Bonne 2.6

    J. King 1.8 Krohman 2.2 Jones 4.9

    North Oldham Gallatin County

    Adelson 6.5 Koomer 16.4

    Mcintosh 2.8 Rassman 5.4

    Barry .3 Bowen 7.7

    Smith 0 Dickerson 2.3

    Gibson 0 Mcintyre 2.

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    Couldn't get the columns to line up. Hard to read. If somebody can fix--it would be greatly appreciated.

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    I follow and plenty more teams.
    Collins losing Feltner fort hurts but have plenty coming back and those numbers will go up for the returnees. They will be in hunt again for region.
    Shelby has tons returning especially TJ Robinson. Not sure about up north

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    There were a lot of standout seniors in the region this year. It doesn’t necessarily mean a down year for the region, just new players stepping up across the board.

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    SK should be pretty good they return a lot.

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    We are going to wait on starting threads for next season until after this season is over.