2016-17 NKY Regional Basketball Contest Results - Week 1

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    2016-17 NKY Regional Basketball Contest Results - Week 1

    Here are the results for this week's Eastern Kentucky Regional basketball pick'em contest.

    As always, the results won't be final for 24 hours. All contestants should use that time to check their score for errors. After that time period has passed, the
    contest is final and the winner should use the following link to claim the prize of choice. If you think your score is incorrect, please send me a PM and I will look into your claim.

    Click below to claim your prize:

    Contest Prizes - Sponsorship Opportunity Available

    Excellent scoring this week (with one notable exception). Congratulations to The Professor on posting the only perfect score of 18! No tiebreaker was needed.

    Here are the results of the Week 1 games:

    Paris 76 Bracken County 59
    Boone County 72 Highlands 69
    Dixie Heights 71 Taylor County 60
    Beechwood 62 Sayre 43
    Nicholas County 60 Augusta 48

    And here are the scores posted by our intrepid Week 1 contestants.

    The Professor 18
    LCDAWGS19 17 (I know - surprised me, too)
    MNCM 16
    Tones 16
    colonel_fan 16
    dd734 15
    TAC 15
    sumoroyal 15
    Randy Parker 15
    Qryche11 15
    se7ens 15
    Jumpman4004 15
    sealedpower 15
    NEERFAN 15
    polarbear98 14
    NKYBallboy 14
    raiderbird 14
    Smallhoops 13
    silo11 13
    16thBBall Fan 13
    Rez 13
    dmh115 13
    Statman 13
    Inside Slant 12
    BubbyKY 12
    gold sunrise 10
    Can'tcoach 10
    Snottie Drippen 8
    Jack of all Trades 8
    All State Baseball 4
    PurplePride92 zero point zero

    @The Professor

    Again, double-check you score and let me know if there's a mistake.

    See you next week!


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    Man Pro you are racking them up early. Won 2 contests so far to start the season.

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    again...so close, yet so far.

    I've never went a calendar year without winning at least one week. I'm in danger of pulling that off in 2016.

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    Good job PP92!

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