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The big game this week was Graves County vs Mayfield in a District 3 showdown. Mayfield came out on top, even without one of their big guns. McCracken also showed signs of vulnerability as they pulled out two extremely tight games. Paducah and Murray continue to play well, but still need to improve. Marshall is waiting on news whether one of the best players in the nation will join them by week’s end. And the All “A” Classic games are almost upon us. Here are the rankings for week 6:

1. McCracken County – Coach Burlin Brower
BGP #11
2018-19 record: 13-1
Week’s Record: 2-0

The Mustangs had a very uncomfortable win at home versus Christian County. It was much closer than it should have been. McCracken won the game 52-50 behind 26 points from Jackson Sivills. Elliot County was a much more anticipated game where the Mustangs once again pulled out a 2 point victory, 66-64, and again they were led by Sivills with 29. Two very tough games lie on the horizon for MC. First up is Graves County on Saturday, and then Paducah Tilghman on Jan 11. Sivills is leading McCracken with 23 ppg and 8 rpg on the season, followed by Noah Dumas averaging 13.4 ppg.

3. Mayfield – Coach Chris Guhy
2018-19 record: 9-6
Week’s Record: 1-1

Mayfield dropped out of the BGP top 20 after their losses in late December. They rebounded nicely this week as they defeated Graves County 69-64. They led by as many as 12 in the game. It was a great game for Mayfield, especially since they played without Carson Guthrie, who had to sit out this game. Mayfield lost their Mustang Madness game to St. Louis Christian 73-60. Desean Jones and Connor Guthrie are leading the Cardinals in scoring with 15 per game. Carson Guthrie leads the team in rebounding with 8.5 per game to go along with 13.5 ppg. Two easy games this week for Mayfield before a big matchup against University Heights next week.

3. Graves County – Coach Joshua Frick
2018-19 record: 11-4
Week’s Record: 0-2

The Eagles have their first losing streak of the season, and it sits at 3. After losing to Bowling Green late in December, Graves lost an important game to Mayfield 69-64. Noranjo had 19 and Mathis had 18, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Mayfield. They then dropped a game at Mustang Madness to Downey Christian of Orlando, FL, 82-73. Graves will have another big game this Saturday against McCracken County and then follow that up with Marshall County. Mathis (17.5 ppg), Naranjo (15.3 ppg), and Savage (14.2 ppg) are the leading scores for the Eagles this season.

4. Murray – Coach Dior Curtis
2018-19 record: 7-8
Week’s Record: 2-1

Murray has responded well to their 4 game losing streak over the break by winning 3 in a row before losing to UHA. The Tigers has some very tough opponents at the end of December. They defeated South Warren and Ballard Memorial after. Murray has been led this season by the trio RaVichael Strickland at 13 ppg, Hunter Utley at 11.4 ppg, Grant Whitaker at 10 ppg and Will Lovins at 10 ppg. .

5. Paducah Tilghman – Coach Roderick Thomas
2018-19 record: 8-6
Week’s Record: 1-0

Paducah Tilghman only had one game this week and they took advantage of the opportunity as they defeated Christian County 75-64. Rodriguez Thomas and Michael Laster each scored 17 points and Avery Strayhorn add 14. Those 3 also lead PT in scoring for the season at 15, 12, and 11.6 respectively. According to the KHSAA schedule, Tilghman only has 4 games left in the month of January, but they are every so important, Marshall County twice, McCracken County, and Graves County.

6. Marshall County – Terry Birdsong
2018-19 record: 8-8
Week’s Record: 2-1

Marshall County defeated Calloway County 54-43 and St Mary 49-32. They lost to Downey Christian out of Orlando, FL 76-68. The big news of the week was the Federal hearing of whether Zion Harmon will be eligible to play this year. The judge has delayed a verdict, which is expected to be given by the end of this week. If Harmon is eligible to play, then things will change for the Marshalls. If he is not, then the road to Rupp will be much more difficult. In the meantime, Tilghman and Graves County are on the schedule next.

7 Carlisle County – Coach Brian O’Neil
2018-19 record: 8-7
Week’s Record: 1-0

The Comets bounced back after a bad holiday tournament run. They defeated Hickman County 74-44 and were led by Reese Anderson with 21 points. Anderson also leads Carlisle in scoring on the year with 15 ppg. Trey Wilson adds 13 ppg, Blake Elder 11 ppg, and Daven McGee 10 ppg. Up next for Carlisle is Livingston Central.

8. Calloway County – Coach Brad Cleaver
2018-19 record: 6-9
Week’s Record: 1-1

The Lakers hosted Marshall County but fell 54-43. They also played a decent Union County team and played one of their best games of the season winning 64-46. The Lakers are led by Chandler Steele (15 ppg), Cade Butler (14 ppg), and Kade Mize (11.6 ppg). Trigg County and Hopkins County Central along with Murray are next up.

9. Fulton County – Coach Jamie Madding
2018-19 record: 5-6
Week’s Record: 2-0

The Pilots won both their games this week against Fulton City and Lake County (TN). They have been led by Caleb Kimble this year who is averaging 14.5 ppg. Kahari Miller (11 ppg) and Camdeg Aldridge (10.1 ppg) are also big contributors. Hickman County and St. Mary are up next.

10. St. Mary – Coach Greg Overstreet
2018-19 record: 7-8
Week’s Record: 1-1

St. Mary lost to Marshall County on New Year’s Day, but they defeated Ballard Memorial on Friday. The Vikings are led by Colin Doss at 12.3 ppg and Joey Eggemeyer at 11.1 ppg. They will play Fulton City and Community Christian this week.

11. Community Christian Paducah – Coach Daniel Durrett
2018-19 record: 4-6
Week’s Record: 0-0

The Warriors did not report any game scores this week. They will play Christian Fellowship before traveling to St. Mary. They are led by Ben Carter and Elijah Middleton who both average 16 ppg.

12. Hickman County – Coach Wynn Harris
2018-19 record: 4-9
Week’s Record: 0-1

Hickman lost to Carlisle County 74-44. Jackson Midyett has been the only consistent scoring threat averaging 14 ppg. Fulton County next on the schedule.

13. Ballard Memorial – Coach Marla Cooper
2018-19 record: 2-10
Week’s Record: 0-2

The Bombers losing streak was extended to 9 games as they lost to both Murray and St. Mary. Things don’t look to promising as they play Mayfield and Carlisle. Drew Cox and Dequin Donlow lead Ballard Memorial in scoring with 12 and 11 ppg respectively.

14. Fulton City – Coach Jon Dillard
2018-19 record: 3-11
Week’s Record: 1-1

Fulton City lost to Fulton County but defeated Christian Fellowship. The only player who averages at least 10 ppg for them is Cameron Madding at 10.5. They play St Mary in their only game this week.

15. Christian Fellowship – Coach Tyler Ryan
2018-19 record: 2-13
Week’s Record: 0-3

Christian Fellowship is currently in the midst of an 11 game losing streak. Nathaniel Hummel is the leading scorer on the season with 11.4 ppg. Community Christian is the o