Games in the 16th Region were few and far between. As a result of the flu outbreak several games were cancelled this week. The region looks will have a chaotic finish as the scheduling gets completed.

1) Ashland (Season: 23-0 This week: 0-0)
Ashland did not have any games during week 10 due to the flu outbreak.

2) Rowan County (Season: 19-6 This week: 1-0)
Rowan County has some cancellations and only ended up playing one game this week, against Menifee County. It is fair to say that Mason Moore was feeling good as he led the game with 37 points and 14 rebounds.

3) Boyd County (Season: 14-11 This week: 1-0)
Boys County was 1-0 for the week with their only contact being a Senior night game against Fairview. The Lions were dominate with 19 from Stewart. There was 10 different Lions that got in the scoring column for this game.

4) Raceland (Season: 15-6 This week: 1-1)
Raceland was one of the few teams that played 23 games this week. Raceland had a win against Menifee County and a loss in the 63rd district to Greenup. Raceland has 1 district game left, against Lewis County. With a Ram win, they will finish tied for the #1 seed with Greenup. A loss to Lewis and Raceland will finish tied with Russell for the 2/3 seed with a 3-3 district record.

5) Greenup County (Season: 16-8 This week: 1-0)
Greenup County’s only game of the week was a big one. The Musketeers avenged an earlier loss to Raceland 72-69. With that win, the Musketeers will await the Raceland Lewis County game. A Raceland loss secures the #1 seed for the tournament which will be held at Greenup. A Raceland win and it will be a tie for the #1 seed.

6) West Carter (Season: 13-8 This week: 1-0)
West Carters lone game was against Elliott County. The 62nd district matchup was won by the comets. Leadingham led the Comets with 22 points in the win.

7) Bath County (Season: 13-11 This week: 0-0)
Bath County did not play any games this week.

8) East Carter (Season: 9-10 This week: 0-1)
East Carter has one game this week, a district matchup with Morgan County at home. The Raiders couldn’t get it done and got the loss to Morgan. The Raiders are currently sitting at 4 straight losses.

9) Russell (Season: 8-12 This week: 1-0)
Russell’s only game of the week was a home game against Lewis County. The Devils had a huge worth quarter for a lobsided win. The player of the game was certainly Max Cantrell. Cantrell finished with 11 points and 10 rebounds. However his biggest contribution was being man to man on O’Keefe.

10) Lewis County (Season: 9-14 This week: 1-1)
Lewis County went 1-1 for the week with a win versus St Patrick and a loss at Russell. The Lions had trouble getting traction against their district foe. With the loss to Russell, the Lions will be the #4 seed in the district tournament. However, it is worthy of noting, the Lions are a very dangerous team. When O’Keefe gets rolling and a few of their other weapons get going, it would not be farfetched to see this team moving on.

11) Fleming County (Season: 8-17 This week: 0-2)
Fleming County was 0-2 for the week. The Panthers had losses to Robertson and Harrison County. The Panthers have had trouble getting points on the board in the last 4 games being held to less than 50 points in each of the losses.

12) Elliott County (Season: 6-11 This week: 0-1)
Elliott County’s only game of the week was a district loss to West Carter. They will get one more shot at the Comets in the regular season coming up.

13) Menifee County (Season: 9-16 This week: 0-2)
Menifee County went 0-2 for the week with Losses to Rowan and Raceland. Both of the losses were close games against upper level teams. The Wildcats seem to be improving significantly in the later part of the season.

14) Morgan County (Season: 7-14 This week: 2-0)
A good week in West Liberty as Morgan County went 2-0 for the week. The Cougars won at East Carter and at home against Nicholas County.

15) Fairview (Season: 6-14 This week: 0-1)
Fairview traveled next door to play at Boyd County this week. Manning and Smith had 24/22 respectively but it wasn’t enough as Boyd got the win.

16) Rose Hill (Season: 3-18 This week: 1-0)
Rose Hill avenged an early season loss this week as they defeated Covenent Christian (WV) 64-52.