The big event of the week in the 16th region for week 7 was the all-A tournament in Raceland. The tournament saw some good basketball and ended with the Comets of West Carter holding the nets. The Region wished the Comets well as we get back into the slate of district games that are scheduled for week 8. At this point, in the 61st district, Rowan County and Bath County would be favored to head to the regional tournament. In the 64th, Ashland and Boyd are heavy favorites. In the 62nd and 63rd, who knows? Those two districts are totally up for grabs.

1) Ashland (Season: 18-0 This week: 1-0)
Ashland had only one game during week 7. The doubters had said, “Wait until they play a team with a good big man” or “Wait until they have an off shooting night” The Tomcats had both of those Friday night and still came away with an unblemished record.

2) Boyd County (Season: 11-8 This week: 2-1)
Boyd County went 2-1 for the week. They recorded victories over Greenup County and Spring Valley and a loss to Johnson Central. Gibbs had a notable night for the Lions against Johnson Central with 21 points and 10 rebounds

3) Rowan County (Season: 13-6 This week: 1-0)
Rowan County had a light load this week with only 1 game on the schedule. The Vikings had a road game with Fleming County during week 7. Moore and Alderman led the Vikings offense, with a strong performance over the Panthers.

4) Raceland (Season: 11-4 This week: 0-2)
Week 7 was not kind to Raceland. Starting the week with only 2 losses, they added 2 mote losses. The Rams lost at home in the All-A finals and also lost on the road to Bath County. Pence put in 23 points against the Comets

5) Greenup County (Season: 13-4 This week: 1-1)
Greenup County split during week 7 with a home loss to Boyd County and a road win at Huntington St Joe. Dryden had quite the week with not one, but two 20/20 nights. He has 21 points and 20 rebounds against Boyd County as well as 23 points and 25 rebounds against Huntington St Joe.

6) West Carter (Season: 8-6 This week: 3-0)
West Carter had a good week 7! The Comets were 2-0 for the week, capturing the Regional All-A crown while doing so. The Comets games were both played at Raceland as they had wins over Bath County and Raceland. The Comets got their scoring from different sources this week, in one game Callihan was the leading scorer with 19 points in the Bath County game it was Webb and Leadingham with 17 points a piece

7) East Carter (Season: 9-6 This week: 2-0)
East Carter went 2-0 for the week. They had a road win against district rival Morgan County and a home win against Rose Hill. The most important numbers at this point is that after the first go through of district opponents, the Raiders are 2-1.

8) Russell (Season: 7-8 This week: 2-0)
Russell went 2-0 for week 7. It was a road week for them as they went to Vanceburg for a big district win and Westwood for a win against Fairview. A big piece for Russell that could make a big difference is the expanded role of Chuck Bechtel. The 6’5 senior as some size and strength in the middle that the devils haven’t had. As his game conditioning improves so to will his playing time.

9) Lewis County (Season: 6-11 This week: 1-1)
Lewis County had only 1 game on the schedule for week 7, a home district game to Russell. O’Keefe put up 21 points in an attempt to defend their house but in the end, Lewis County took the loss this week. Through the first round of district games, the Lions are 0-3. However, don’t count the Lions out. They are a good team with a lot of talent.

10) Bath County (Season: 11-10 This week: 2-1)
Bath County went 2-1 this week. The Wildcats started the week with an All-A Semi-final loss to West Carter followed by wins against Fleming County and Raceland. This was a good week for Bath as they start getting some momentum.

11) Fleming County (Season: 6-12 This week: 0-3)
Week 7 is one to forget and move on for Fleming County. The Panthers went 0-3 for the week. They lost at home to Rowan County and Bath County and on the road to Pendleton County.

12) Morgan County (Season: 5-10 This week: 0-1)
Morgan County only had 1 game this week as they hosted East Carter. The Cougars were overpowered and had a 20-point loss. The Cougars finish the first time through with each district opponent at 0-3. However, do not sleep on them in the 62nd district.

13) Elliott County (Season: 5-9 This week: 0-1)
Elliott County lost in their only game of week 7. It was a road loss to Raceland. Worthy of note in this game was Elliott’s ability to control the tempo. Elliott held Raceland to only 36 points, which is 25 points less than their second lowest scoring game. The Lions lost to Raceland 36-30.

14) Menifee County (Season: 6-13 This week: 1-1)
Menifee County went 1-1 for the week. Menifee recorded a win over Lee County and had a loss to Wellspring Guardian.

15) Fairview (Season: 4-12 This week: 1-1)
Fairview split in week 7, going 1 and 1. The Eagles were happy to stay at home this week with a home win against Green, OH and a home loss to Russell. The Eagles were led in scoring this week by Smith with a 19 ppg average

16) Rose Hill (Season: 2-12 This week: 0-2)
Rose Hill was 0-2 for the week. The Royals lost to East Carter and Johnson Central.