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For a lot of teams, the 2018/19 basketball season is over but their are still remaining a few survivors. Let's take a look at the 2018/19 14th Region Tournament and the final rankings for 2018/19.

Knott County Central (22-9):
The Patriots were the preseason favorite to win the 14th regional championship this season. They started out at #1 in the preseason rankings and didn't fall no further than #2 throughout the entire season. Knott County Central came up short in the 14th regional championship game last season, falling to Estill County 44-41. The Patriots have wanted a rematch with the Engineers since the season began and that's just what they got as they open up the first round and first game of the 14th regional tournament against Estill County on Monday night.

Estill County (10-20):
The Engineers took a hit at graduation last season after winning the 14th region championship for the first time in school history. In fact, Estill County lost over 50% of their scoring from last season. That's a lot to replace. Estill has struggled all season, they've only won two games in a row, once. The Engineers, losers of the 56th district, controlled the district championship game against Powell County before the Pirates would come out on top at the very end. Estill County has a long way to go if they wanna repeat and they have to start with the team they defeated in the regional championship game last season, Knott County Central on Monday night.

Perry County Central (16-12): Scott County transfer, Jaylin Williams has the Commodores clicking on all cylinders. Perry County Central struggled the first half of the season but have found their stride in the second half. They've won 3 straight and 10 of their final 12 games. Perry County Central will face Wolfe County, a team they defeated on the road 104-76 in the first round of the 14th regional championship. The Commodores could be looking ahead to a potential rematch with Knott County Central, a team that has defeated the Commodores twice this season.

Wolfe County (10-20): Much like Estill County, Wolfe County is also a young team. The Wolves have yet to put up back to back wins this season. They've lost 3 of they're last 4 games The reward for being runner up in the 55th district? A date with Perry County Central in the first round of the 14th regional tournament. Wolfe County hosted and fell to Perry County Central 104-76 just a few weeks ago. Wolfe County hasn't made it past the first round of the 14th regional tournament since 2013/14 season, where they defeated Powell County 57-46. The last time the 14th regional tournament was at Powell County (2014/15), Wolfe County fell to Estill County 59-39 in the first round. It looks like this trend will continue this season.

Powell County (12-14): The Pirates will take on Letcher County Central in the first round of the 14th regional tournament on Tuesday. This will probably be one of two best first round match ups in this tournament. Letcher County Central edged Powell County 56-52 on the same floor earlier in the season. Powell County has been hot lately, winning 2 straight and 3 of their final 4. Prior to that, they had won 9 of they're final 12 games. So the Pirates are one of the hottest teams coming into the 14th regional tournament.

Letcher County Central (18-12): The Cougars are struggling. They've lost 4 of their final 6 games. One of those wins, however, was against Powell County, a team they defeated 56-52 earlier in the season on the same floor as the 14th regional tournament will be held on. The bad news is, Powell County is play a lot better than Letcher County Central.

Breathitt County (20-9): Breathitt County is the hottest team coming in. Clicking on all cylinders. They've 15-4 in 2019. Have won 6 of their last 8 games. They're senior led. However, Breathitt County fell to the team they will meet in the last game of the first round of the 14th regional tournament, Hazard 54-47 in overtime. Breathitt County actually had a double digit lead before falling to the Bulldogs. This game will be a war and the best one of the first round of the regional tournament.

Hazard (24-8):
Hazard has won more games this season than any other team in the 14th region. They've won 4 of they're final 6 games. They have also defeated the team they will meet in the final game of the first round of the 14th regional tournament, Breathitt County 54-47 in overtime earlier in the season at Hazard. The thing is, Hazard has to play above and beyond what they did earlier in the season because Breathitt County had a double digit lead on them most of the game until late. I suspect this one to go down to the wire. Maybe even another overtime. It's a shame one of these two teams will be sent home early.

(1) Knott County Central (22-9).
(2) Breathitt County (20-9).
(3) Perry County Central (16-12).
(4) Hazard (24-8).
(5) Letcher County Central (18-12).
(6) Powell County (12-14).
(7) Wolfe County (10-20).
(8) Estill County (10-20).

(1) Jaylin Williams (Perry County Central): Since coming over from Scott County midseason, Jaylin has propelled the Commodores into a completely different team. A nightmare for teams that has to play Perry County Central. In just 13 games, Jaylin has scored 70+ points.

(2) Noah Back (Perry County Central): The horse that makes the Commodores go. Comes in averaging 20 points a game. One of the better 3 point shooters (43%) and free throw shooters (83%) coming into the 14th regional tournament.

(3) Khali Slone (Knott County Central): The Patriots leading scorer at 13.6 points per game. One of the few options coach BB King has in his arsenal. If Khali gets going, it could be disasterous for someone.

(4) Joe Benton (Estill County): The best point guard in the 14th region. The junior from Estill County is having a phenominal year, despite being 10-20. Joe doesn't have a restriction on distance as he can let it fly from anywhere and he's usually pretty accurate. He could propel Estill County past Knott County Central but it would take a lot.

(5) Colby Napier (Knott County Central): The Patriots second leading scorer at 13 points a game. Despite being the second leading scorer, Colby has scored more points than anyone this season for Knott County Central (285). Really good on defense and can shoot.

(6) Wade Pelphrey (Hazard): Hazard's leading scorer at 16 points a game. Hazard's best player. He struggles shooting free throws (67%). Handles the ball and if/once he gets going, he's hard to stop.

(7) Austin Bennett (Hazard): Despite coming off the bench, he's still a key factor for Coach Holland and the Bulldogs. He transferred in from Buckhorn, where he was Buckhorn's best player.

(8) Kyle Fraley (Breathitt County): The best big man coming into the regional tournament. Leads Breathitt County in scoring at 16.7 points a game. Shoots 46.7 % from 3. So not only can he score on the inside, he can score from the outside, which is a dangerous for any team Breathitt County plays.

(9) Jalyen Taulbee (Breathitt County): Breathitt County's second leading scorer at 16.2 points a game. Is 111 out of 145 from the free throw line (76.6%). The only player coming into the regional tournament that's been to the line that many times.

(10) DaShaun Williams (Powell County): The unsung hero. DaShaun came up big in the 56th district championship game as he shot Powell County into the lead with a 25 footer. With that shot against Estill County, he could have just shot the Pirates into the semi-finals of the 14th regional tournament, as they only fell to Letcher County Central 56-52 earlier in the season.



6 PM - Knott County Central vs. Estill County.
8 PM - Perry County Central vs. Wolfe County.


6 PM - Powell County vs. Letcher County Central.
8 PM - Breathitt County vs. Hazard.


6 PM - Semi-Final #1.
8 PM - Semi-Final #2.


7 PM - Championship.