13th region officiating

Page 2 of Why has 13th region officiating got so bad. South western called for a bogus call against north. Williamsburg shooting 20 more free throws than OBI. It... 19 comments | 801 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Quote Originally Posted by Senior32 View Post
    The new signing secretary of the region needs to hold these refs accountable.
    While I do not agree with @Wildcat7 I am 100% with you on this one. There needs to be more accountability for officials. I know the job is hard. I realize it, but a Varsity referee makes around 80-100 Dollars for a 2-hour game. That is at least $40 an hour.

    Take pride in being a good official and strive to never miss a call. I know they will because it is a hard job, but the desire should be to never make a mistake.

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    Factual information right there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 16thBBall Fan View Post
    You think that it is bad now you should have tried to go into Clay Co. and winning in the mid 80's thru the early 90's. Yes they were very good but no matter how good you were you were not going come out of there with a win.
    Or the 70s....

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    Gallatin Played Knox Central during Christmas. Knox shot 33 free throws to Gallatin's 11. Knox wins by 5 points.

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    It’s probably just one of those comical rumors that someone comes up with to get a laugh but supposedly when Farmer played back in the 1980’s Clay Co was hosting Bryan Station and after the captains met pregame at center court with the refs one of the Defender players told his coach that the ref looked at Farmer and said, “Which end are we taking Richie?”