Wood Or Metal?

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    Everyone loves offense....but once the kids can reach the fences....about the high school level, wood bats may allow even more base hits ( that would have been lind drives to the outfield ) fall in.

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    On a field or in a gym in eastern KY!

    I like the metal. But, this year for our Fall Ball League Finale, we had a 4 team wood bat tournament. The kids Loved it! The older kids still hit the ball pretty well. The younger ones you could see a big difference though. In 3 games we only broke 3 bats. Also, one of the down side to the metal is the reaction time for ptchers. In a game this year my son hit a shot back at the pitcher and the kid had [B]NO time to react. It hit the kid square on the collar bone. If it were 3 more inches to the right, I would hate to say what might have been. It was scary. And it is not just because they are kids. He hit me with one this year on the right shin and almost broke my leg. Needless to say I use an L-Screen when throwing BP now! LOL!