What Options Exist for Playing During Spring Break?

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    What Options Exist for Playing During Spring Break?

    I know Highlands spent a few days in Gatlinburg and made a trip to Louisville during their Spring Break. Sounds like Harrison County is in Las Vegas for a "tournament." Notice a lot of state abbreviations in the score threads. Seems like the following options exist (all presumably in warmer climates given the unpredictable nature of KY weather in late March / early April):

    1 - play an organized "tournament" or "round robin" with a set number of guaranteed games over a given period of time

    2 - go to a specific location and individually arrange games against teams close by

    3 - travel to more than 1 place and play teams along the way

    4 - stay home and play / practice when the weather allows

    Are there others? What are the pros/cons for each of them? Interested to see what everyone else is doing and how they like it.

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    Fortunately, HHS has removed the "go to spring break with your family and we'll resume when you return" option.