NKY - Baseball Hotbed?

Page 3 of Simon Kenton advancing to this year's championship means NKY has a team in the state championship game for the fourth year in a row. Is NKY now more of... 31 comments | 6058 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Well said, @Nathaniel Bryan

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    As far as the KHSAA baseball tournament goes, it should have been obvious to everyone as soon as they expanded to 16 teams everything was going to be watered down. Some of the teams that played in the State Tournament this year were comical to watch.

    As far as NKY goes, I wouldn't exactly call them a "hotbed" for talent. However, if you break-up the geographical regions in the state, they are statistically in the top 3. They will always be better than eastern Ky and more than likely Southern KY. There will be years when Western KY will be better than NKY in baseball, but I would have to say from top-to-bottom, Louisville would be the obvious #1 area for baseball. Lexington will have to be the #2 area in the state. So out of the 5 geographical areas(N,S,E,W,C), NKY and WKY would have to be tied for the #3 spot with SKY in at #4 and EKY falling-in the last spot at #5.