It Was A Good Week At Calvary

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    It Was A Good Week At Calvary

    The Calvary baseball team, who had not won a varsity game since the spring of 2012 rattled off 2 victories this week. On Tuesday, the Cougars beat Silver Grove 12-1 for their first victory. A real nice win for them considering an 10 run loss to Silver Grove 3 weeks prior.

    The Cougars then beat Louisville Western 15-0 in a one hit performance by a freshmen pitcher.

    The Cougars seem to be set for the future when it comes to regular starters. The team regularly starts 5 freshmen, and then they top that off with an 8th grader in center and a 7th grader at second. The top two pitchers are also freshmen.

    Things certainly seem to be looking up in the land of the Cougars!

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    I saw them on Friday against Ludlow. I was very impressed with the short stop and second baseman. They could play ball!

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    Congrats to the Cougars!!!