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One of my friends, Brad Ratliff, posted this on Facebook.

I’m going to try to keep this as short as possible, but there is a lot to say about this young man & just exactly what he has accomplished, not only this baseball season, but his entire decorated career at Beechwood....I’ve been apart of & following Beechwood & it’s athletic programs since I was born. Literally some of my first memories in life are of watching my uncles play on Friday nights from the old wooden bleachers. I grew up loving everything the place is about, I grew up idolizing all the great players from the 80’s, & then was lucky enough to be a football & baseball player in the 90’s myself. I’ve seen, known, & been great friends with some of the best players to ever walk the halls of our cherished Alma mater. And I can tell you without a doubt & unquestionably, that Logan Castleman is in the very upper echelon of the very best of former Tigers who came before him, and he will be forever.

That alone would be a really cool story. But on top of his athletic prowess, there’s one of the very finest young men you could be lucky enough to meet. He’s the kind of student you would want in your classroom if you were a teacher. He’s the kind of young man you’d be proud to have date your daughter. He’s the kind of kid that coaches dream of being able to coach. And one day, he’ll by the kind of man you would hire in a second to be apart of your company. Paul Castleman & Chris Castleman, you don’t need me to tell you, but congratulations on raising such an awesome young man.

He deserves every award, slap on the back, accolade, and form of praise that are sent his way. To look at these absolutely insane, video game like numbers he put up this senior year season of his...Well, they speak for themselves & will not be repeated anytime in the near future. It’s truly incredible to put up these kind of stats in a 30 plus game season (that just can’t be stated enough, it’s just so hard to do what he has done). So best of luck Logan & to the entire Beechwood baseball team as you play for the district title tonight & moving on to the regional tournament. You’ve got an entire school, community, & past alumn’s behind you & wishing you all the success you deserve!

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Logan: Best of luck with your candidacy for the 2019 Kentucky Mr. Baseball Award. There is no one more deserving. From all the current & past Tigers, we thank you for the past 4 years & all that you gave us to cheer about. It was a pleasure to watch you play & to get to know you!