Dayton Classics 3 Kentucky Colonels 2 (9 innings)

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    Dayton Classics 3 Kentucky Colonels 2 (9 innings)

    Very exciting game, one that had everybody on the edge of their seats as Will Shuttleworth and the Classics Pitcher (#33) went toe to toe against each other for six innings throwing nothing but goose eggs.

    Top of the Classics seventh: With a 3 ball and 1 strike count the first batter of the inning for the Classics (#17) hits a rocket over the #310 mark to put the Dayton team up 1-0.

    Bottom of the Colonels seventh: Isler hit a line shot right at the Classics second basemen, Murray hits a rope right at the Classics LF. Two outs and Mark Kelly up and he hits a hard ground ball to the SS but he bobbles the ball and Kelly is safe at first. Etscheid is up and on the first pitch hits a rope right down the first base line and Kelly is off to the races and slides into home for the tying run, while Etscheid goes to third. However the Colonels can't get the run in so it's extra innings we go.

    Top of the eighth: After throwing 103 pitches Shuttleworth is taken out and in comes Standsberry who gets the Classics to go K, 9 and K to end the inning.

    Bottom of the eighth: Hitchcock goes 8, but Nutini gets on first base via a HBP. Man on first 1 out Maile up. Luke gets a base hit Nutini goes to third. Brake is up and walks on a 3-2 count. Bases loaded and Isler hits a excuses me ground ball back to the pitcher that forces Nutini at the plate, and then Murray goes deep to 8 for the third out.

    Top of the ninth: First batter gets a base hit, but is forced at second on a poor bunt 1-6 for the first out. #17 who hit the HR is up and on a 1-2 count hits a rocket to the deepest part of the field for a double and knocks in a run. Man on second one out and the next batter gets a single to knock in the third and final run for the Classic.

    Score 3-1

    Bottom of the ninth: Kelly hits a ball to the third baseman who muffs the ball so Kelly is safe. Etscheid flies out 7, but Pickett hits a sharp grounder to SS who muffs the ball, then throws wildly allowing Pickett to be safe, but with the bad throw Kelly comes all the way from first base to score a run, and Pickett moves on to third. So with the Colonels being down 1 run, with a man on third and only one out, Vann is put into pinch hit, but he strikes out and then Hitchcock pop ups for the third out and to end inning and the game.

    Really was a great game and a tip of the hat to both the Classics #33 and Shuttleworth for pitching such a great game.

    The Colonels left 11 men on base today, far too many to win a ball game.

    The Ky Colonels Hitting

    Nutini 4 AB 2 hits 1 K and 1 sb
    Maile 4 PA 1 hit 1 walk and 1 k
    Brake 4 PA 1 walk and 2 k's
    Isler 4 PA 1 K and 1 fc
    Murray 4 PA
    Kelly 4 PA 2 runs 1 walk 1 k and reached via E-5 & E-6
    Etscheid 4 PA 1 hit triple and 1 rbi
    Conner, J 2 PA and 2 k's
    Pickett 2 PA 1 walk and reached via E-5
    Roenker 3 PA and 1 k
    Vann 1 PA and 1 k
    Hitchcock 4 PA and 1 walk

    Ky Colonels Pitching

    103 pitches 7 innings 29 PA 6 hits 1 run 1 earned run 3 walks 4 k's 1 hr and 1 wp
    31 pitches 2 innings 9 PA 3 hits 2 runs 2 earned runs 0 walks 2 k's

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    Went to the Web site to check some things out. Schedule, roster, .....
    What about their record? To date?

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    The Colonels are loaded with talent this year yet their record doesn't seem to reflect that at all...

    TOG whats your opinion on this years team compared to the last few?