Covington Catholic 12 Dixie 2

Page 3 of In 6 innings Adam Warning throws 101 pitches beating Dixie with Stansberry on the mound. The 2 runs for Dixie were unearned. More details after TheOldG... 30 comments | 1540 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Who played SS?
    Sophomore, Seattle Stein. Seahawk is settling in and doing a fine job!

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    The question of the night is ... was dinner with the wife at Pee Wee's Place?
    Yes we ate at Pee Wee's Place (as did quite a few of the CovCath parents and players) for dinner and indeed I (before I am asked) paid for our dinner! We both had a deluxe cheese burger, fries, coleslaw and a coke. I love Pee Wee's coleslaw, it is indeed outstanding.

    Had a very nice time and would have stayed longer to finish watching the Reds game if not for folks like my friend qryche11, who just had to read The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.