Cov Cath 20 Wins Streak in Jeopardy

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackieMoon View Post
    Congrats to CCH on the 20 wins!

    However, I would not saying any CCH players, coaches, or fans, are "JUST FINE" with losing the District Championship to Beechwood.

    Beechwood owned CCH in both basketball and baseball District Tourneys this year. That has never happened!

    If Coach Krumps is "Just Fine" with the season thus far, considering the superior talent CCH has walking the halls, then there truly is a bigger problem. Losing districts should never be acceptable to them!
    Basketball maybe not but Beechwood has always been one of the top teams in the 9th region and has won plenty of 35th district titles. They're in the Regional tournament and anything can happen in single elimination baseball.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voice of Reason View Post
    Congrats to the Colonels on getting it done.

    The nice thing in my mind about this - if it is true that there is disgruntlement and defection, those 20 wins are a big up yours to the players that bailed out. I hope they enjoyed their spring of leisure. The Colonels and Coach K were fine without you.
    I don't think they care, at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDeuce View Post
    I don't think they care, at all.
    Probably right. If they really cared, they would be playing baseball.