2018 Whitaker Bank/KHSAA State Tournament

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    I get what you are saying. However why are you only upset about 90% of the regular season meaning nothing in terms of just the 16 teams who make it to stare? If it's not seeded for regionals, why should it be for state? Also if you want the season to mean something. Then probably should do away with even having district tournaments, and just seed the best 8 teams in the regional tournament based on the season. Because as it stands now only 2 or 3 games truly matter before regionals.

    So to me to its hard to pick and choose when you should value a teams whole regular season. If it's not valued in terms for the district or regional tournaments. Why all of a sudden should that matter for the state finalist?

    So I get what you are saying. However I don't think you should pick and choose what torunament you value the regular season for. If the regular season means nothing for two tournaments in district and regionals before it. If you change it, then might as well change the whole system.
    Actually, I would have no issue with doing exactly what you say. Like I said before, I've lived, played and coached in other states and our whole district/region/state format is an anomaly. And it insures that in every year, and in every sport (except football and most of the individual sports) that some really good teams stay home, and some average teams get to play for a state title simply because of geography.

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    Do we really have 4 pages of discussion about classes in baseball and seeding?