The Most Disturbing Exit Poll Data Coming Out of New Hampshire !!!

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    ^ Don't forget the last one on the list BlueTip.

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    To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible

    -I worked every Holiday, never got it off or even expected to...just part of the job.
    -I've been sworn in to testify in court, as a juror and during depositions...never had a Bible present to place my hand on.

    As for many of the others, we are a country that still has roughly 70% of the population that identifies as Christian. So it wouldn't be a shock that stores would cater to Christians with their merchandise selections or that programming and advertisers use religion to reach their target audience. I don't see people of other faiths being forced to go to Midnight Mass or forced to take Communion. I don't see people of other faiths being told they have conform or convert to Christianity either.

    But also don't dismiss the fact that Non-Christians will say whatever they can come up with to diminish and reject Christianities impact on this country and the good that it has done.