Sean Duffy abortion argument

Page 2 of I would be lying if I said this didn't get me thinking a little bit about this issue. What does everybody think? This is my first time posting a video.... 18 comments | 801 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Great message. Unfortunately some people will still argue that the unborn human being is "a collection of cells" or "just a fetus."

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    Quote Originally Posted by LIPTON BASH View Post
    This as I've stated is what I hate about the pro choice argument. We are talking about less than 1% of cases in your points or even by the most generous estimate 5%.

    So the pro choice defense is always to eliminate 95-99% of babies to make exceptions for a very small minority. .

    Where the logical point would be to find a middle ground and make exception for those cases.
    That's the problem...where does that middle ground lie?? By allowing exceptions in certain cases, you are by default, saying not all unborn babies have the right to live. I just don't see how you can determine that a child cannot be afforded the same "right to live" simply because of the way it was conceived (ie rape or incest).

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    Folks that believe in abortion should really think hard.........your mother choose life.

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    Wow. Powerful stuff.
    "If we stand for the defenseless and the helpless, we must also stand for little babies."