Dem Activist admits secretly recording McConnell, plays victim card

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    We are talking about Mitch here, he was the one who was caught, either legally or illegally, but he was caught on what he thought about some groups of people.

    I don't know how you could see that, I guess you are wanting to see that as my viewpoint? I was commenting, and agreeing with Jumper_Dad with his comment on not being sure where does the right to privacy for a politician begins and/or ends.
    Very simple, when the door closes. Easy answer.

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    It's illegal in Kentucky to record a conversation you are not a part of without the knowlege of the participants.

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    I think this will be part of the litigation if it does go that far. The fact that the recording was done from a publicly accessible area were the conversation readily available seems to be an area where the law is not absolutely clear.