"Our economic deficit is devastating," the pollsters say of the Democratic Party's

Page 2 of economic agenda." "By a margin of 35 percent, more white working class voters believe that the term ... 15 comments | 4408 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    I would hope anyone saving for retirement (IRA, 401k, etc) have contributed a big percentage to that $10k. Just based off the S&P 500 since election day, if you had 65k in 401k invested in a 401k, there is your $10k. I would say there are people with more than that and people with less, but the percentage is still the same. Anyone with a home has experienced a home value increase I would say

    Anyone with a pension plan has contributed to the $10k also. Someone is investing your pension money..
    I'm no genius but if Trump has 1 billion invested and I have 10,000 invested he is going to make a ton more.

    Considering the top 1% owns more wealth than rest of the 90% combined, the 1% probably got the lion's share.