While millions visit the Ark, Grant County is sinking fast trying to avoid bankruptcy

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAC View Post
    Don’t quit your day job.
    Haha! No worries there!

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    Dry Ridge broke ground on the new Hotel this week. Williamstown broke ground on.......well nothing, as usual. Ark was hopping yesterday with people.

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    Our church has hosted several groups who travel from far away, stay for a few days and take in the Ark and the Creation Museum. Some look for other stuff to do in the area, Newport Aquarium, etc. I've been to the Ark one time when family came in town. I had to push a make-shift wheelchair all around and I can tell you that is one big boat. There is a lot to see, if you are like me and read every plaque at a museum, so I could take a couple of days to go through it. Pretty neat exhibit on the Bible with old artifacts and all.

    If it starts raining real hard, I'll save you the frantic trip there. It doesn't look like it will float. But you will have to make your own decision on that.