What did the recent KY Teacher Pension Protest in Frankfort accomplish?

Page 22 of I think it accomplished plenty for the other side meaning it let the Teachers vent, enjoy spring break, and now get back to work, but I have no idea wh... 318 comments | 9713 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wireman View Post
    This has inspired me. I'm protesting all dry counties tomorrow night. Anyone want to join my cause?
    I can get behind that. Will you have beer at the protest??

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAC View Post
    Well I’m thinking a trip to kings island and a trip to the zoo sound like field trips. Pretty self explanatory. Sorry you are so sensitive to the explanation mark.
    So many times underprivileged children can’t afford to go on these trips if they have to pay?
    Kings Island sounds like a choir or band performance event.

    Zoo sounds like a field trip for elementary and covers standardized testing requirements.

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    Please try and keep political statements out of the discussion, regardless of who made them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plantmanky View Post
    Something I haven't seen posted here yet is:

    Do the educators realize that the money isnt there to fund education the way it was? Do they realize that in order to keep the funding the way it was, funding has to be cut somewhere else? Do they realized there is only so much funding to go around? I think that is getting lost in all this. I know they are focused on what specifically hits them (understandable), but do they see the full picture in this?

    Talk of legalizing pot/hemp, or casinos could be a great solution, but that would take years to implement, the problem is now. The State has to do something NOW.

    We need NOW solutions, I know the educators dont like what was proposed, and you know what, I can agree with them that they are drastic in nature, but what are the educators solutions to the issue? I havent heard the educators suggestion anything other than, leave it the way it was. That is simply not an option. These are the educators of our children and the only option they can come up with is "leave it the way it was". Really?
    Did you realize Kentucky is one of the worst funded states in the country and now they wanted to cut more. But hey I get it.

    Also you say teachers didn't propose anything else. Teachers over the last 6 months proposed a few different things to the government on what could be done. You may want to spend some time researching before commenting.

    Also you may want to spend time looking at numbers. Seeing in terms of teacher pensions. With the same current system and nothing changing it would have been fully funded again in 30 years as long as the state didn't keep taking money from it. I can't comment on other pensions of workers in this state. However actual analysis shows it would have been fully funded again in 30 years.