What are the real (and unavoidable) private school advantages?

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    Ms. Bavier, your post hit the nail on the head. These "problem" students are a terrible burden on our public schools. The general public (ie: taxpayers) would be shocked to know the disproportionate amount of school resources (funds, facilities, teachers's time, and administrators's time) that are expended on these students.
    The ability to avoid these students is a great selling point for private schools. Obviously, it is an advantage for the privates. However, under our system of public education (No Child Left Behind, KERA, social promotion, mainstreaming, etc.), it is an advantage that will always exist.
    It all reminds me of a statement attributed to the superintendent of a northeastern Kentucky superintendent. He said that, given enough opportunity, any child can master any concept. That is not remotely realistic. Some can't and some won't. What can we do? I don't know. However, I do know that pouring more money into the problem will not help. To date, it never has produced positive results. I am continually amazed at how well the nonachievers and ner-do-wells know their "rights". Unfortunately, they seem unaware of their corresponding responsibilities in this society.