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Itís become a recurring theme these days that HS Head Coaches arenít doing enough to get kids athletic scholarships. That got me thinking. What exactly are the responsibilities of a HS Head Coach of any sport and where does getting kids athletic scholarships fall in priority of these responsibilities? I think there are some complex answers to this question and Iíll start with some of my answers.

IMO there isnít a HS Head Coach they wonít help his kids get an athletic scholarship if that kid shows the ability to play at the next level. However, I think the responsibility of getting a kid an athletic scholarship is lower on the list than many many other very important things.

For starters, a very large majority of head coaches are teachers or in administration at the schools they coach at so scratch off 6-8 hours of their workday M-F.

Donít forget practice. Scratch off another 3-4 hours of the days.

Thatís at least 10 hours of the day gone already.

Head coaches are constantly thinking of ways to improve teams and players. Thatís a never ending thought process.

A large majority of them have families. Thatís a never ending process also.

Before I have even gotten to the meat of my answer Iíve already essentially ended a full dayís work for a HS Head Coach.

Now, in these days an astronomically large part of recruiting takes place in football camps, regional football combines, AAU, travel teams, club teams, etc. If you arenít starting with these things then you are already behind the 8 ball because this is where it starts. Parents also play a large part in this as it is important to send out as much film, video, full game tapes and whatever information you can send to any and all colleges. It is also on the parents to make sure their kidís grades are good enough to get them academically eligible and that they have taken and gotten acceptable scores on all entrance exams.

There has to be a good amount of people helping a kid attain an athletic scholarship but too many times if recruiting isnít going as expected or if a kid doesnít make it to college I hear people blaming the HS Head Coach and that couldnít be further from the truth.