Science vs. Non-Science

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    Science vs. Non-Science

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    Why do we embrace Science sometimes yet disregard it other times?

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    I was thinking about this very topic just yesterday. The hot button issues of religion and politics often cloud people's judgment and reason. Excellent topic, btw.

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    Have Scientist ever predicted an eclipse in our life time and ended up being wrong?

    Right or wrong people believe there is evidence to suggest scientist have been wrong on the other things listed. Hell even Scientist can't agree on climate change.

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    What is embraced or not are the factual information on a topic. How many times have we been told over the past 50 years, plus or minus, of what may be bad for our health only to be told later that info was incorrect? How many times have we heard since the 1970's that some climate catastrophic calamity was going to occur in 10 years or less and it has yet to happen? There may be some other personal factors, but for me, it is unreliable evidence to support some of the major arguments or least have big doubts.

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    Mainly because if it doesn't fit your belief system or your particular agenda, then clearly somebody who disagrees with you is a quack. But also there is the very real fact that in some cases, legitimate, respected scientists do disagree. Facts aren't necessarily facts as much as they are an interpretation of information. Also, the cynic in me has to say this . . . the validity of certain scientific "facts" sometimes depends on who the funding source of the particular research may be.

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    Science is certainly more reliable than it isn't, but it doesn't have a perfect record.

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    I agree with the above about bad predictions, before I was born, global cooling was the worry. In the 80s back in grade school we were told by peer reviewed science that if the combustible engine is replaced with a clean engine, by the year 2000, we woulfd all have breathing issues. In the late 80s it was the ozone layer was disappearing. In the 90s it was global warming. I am just waiting to see what is next. As cool as it is tonight, is Global Cooling coming back?

    I am not an anti global warming individual, I don't believe either side really knows. I do believe in not falling head first into whatever is the latest climate calamity.

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    Most people believe what is convenient for them and their beliefs. Most people aren't really going to dig into multiple sources. Instant gratification today.

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    ^ My experience is that the primary factor is "who is telling you what to believe".

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    I think weather is science and I sure don't trust the prediction of weather from day to day to month to month.

    No offense to our local weatherman NWO.

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    Because it's been overly politicized and there for nothing is trustworthy. I want to be clear that I'm not trying to make this about politics and I'm not looking for any political conversation. It's just why I believe people have a major problem believing one side or the other. Please do not respond to my post with any political view.

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    I just believe in God, who let's science happen. That way all my bases are covered and I won't be left out.

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    When they speak about science they are pretty good. But when scientists speak on other issues not dealing with science or even subject to scientific inquiry, they are amateurs, like the rest of us.

    Scientists don't know everything. That's actually why they do research, experiments, etc. They're looking for more information and once they find that information they may have to change their hypothesis.

    Scientists disagree with one another on many things (like on the topic of climate change), so we're supposed to believe which ones and disbelieve which ones?

    Scientists prove themselves wrong on lots of things.

    An educated guess is still a guess.

    There are economics involved so if they want to get paid... or get a grant for research, or get hired at a certain place...

    Then there is political expediency.

    Sometimes it is the interpretation of data that scientists disagree on, not the data itself. They come at it from their own perspectives and draw different conclusions.

    Scientists are human: some have proven to be evil, some good, some are run of the mill on the righteous scale, but all are fallible.

    Some have their own agenda....

    Some want to be famous...

    They are very accurate on a lot of things but not all things lend themselves to the same level of precise knowledge.

    Bottom line, you have to use your own brain to discern. Ask questions.