Problem at the Reds game Saturday

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    Quote Originally Posted by Science Friction View Post
    I remember one time back about 1980, Jed and Cindy was preaching at EKU. Jed was in the middle of a sentence when a young lady walking across campus in a short skirt caught his eyes. He hollered, "Look, there's another one of the many harlots(he used a more vulgar term) on this campus!" She heard what he said and came over and smacked him upside his head.
    If I recall that was Kevin Greve's girl friend (AA Offensive lineman for EKU) and he later had a heated exchange with Jed over that. He too may have "swiped at him" if I recall well enough.

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    Brother Jed getting a mouthful from a matriculating fornicator:
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    Quote Originally Posted by GrantNKY View Post
    I saw something about the Westboro Baptist Church coming to town to protest the ABC convention at the Duke Energy Center. Is this a spillover of that? I saw them at the game on Thursday and thought they were WBC.
    It is possible but we have enough of these types around here all the time. Most every Reds game I've been to there's someone on the sidewalk with a sign and street preaching.

    Quote Originally Posted by lawildcat View Post
    It's only funny to laugh at people preaching safe sex until you end up pregnant or with a sexual transmitted disease. Silly kids.
    Recently, when travelling I stopped at a gas station to fuel up and use the restroom. There was one of those condom dispensing machines on the wall so I read the information printed on it. I found it ironic that the condom manufacture warned that the only 100% sure way to prevent pregnancy and STDS such as HIV, is to abstain from sex outside of marriage and remain faithful in a monogamous marriage. Truth.

    Quote Originally Posted by B-Ball-fan View Post
    I always sorta wonder if what motivates them to go into large crowds, and especially one that is heavily drinking, is true concern for peoples' souls, or a desperate need for attention that is mostly served back to them with either being completely ignored, or ridiculed and told to shut up and go away?

    I suppose they're thinking that if they save one soul then their work is done, but Wow, I highly doubt that hardly any festive people out enjoying a beer and music with friends on a beautiful sunny afternoon are going to have an "Ah Ha" moment, and say to themselves "What was I thinking...Those guys are right, I'm a despicable deplorable sinner, and it's high time that I change my ways".
    Like any of us, there are probably many motivations for their behavior. Somewhere in their hierarchy of motivations would be that this is expected behavior from the group they identify with. The group approves of street preaching. Probably believes that street preaching is expected of everyone and if you do this you gain the respect of your peers in the group. Obviously, they believe God approves of this as well.

    Concern for souls is definitely high on the list of motivations. And occasionally, someone does respond to something that is said and it marks a change in their life. I have met a few people who have said this.

    While I am sympathetic with the general motivation, I can't endorse the spirit in which the message is so often delivered. Not effective and, IMO, counter-productive.