Principal Blames Devil For Her Remarks About Blacks

Page 3 of Principal Nancy Gordeuk Shocks With Racist Outburst She inadvertently ended the graduation before the valedictorian spoke. As she was trying to get eve... 31 comments | 1977 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    [QUOTE=mountain ref;5513360]I dont see it that way.
    I see a white woman who said something bad about black adults and she is fired. I see a black woman who said something bad about white adults and she isnt fired.

    I see a bunch of white guys sing a song and say the N word and get kicked out of school. I see a black woman professor say a bunch of bad stuff about whites and she keeps her job.

    But I do understand what you mean by the difference.[/QUOTE

    I agree, same woman different color says all the white people are leaving, headline would read racist whites, leave graduation ceremony!!!!

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    Glad KY doesn't do charter schools. You get this rabble