Here's how they voted

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Professor
    My mistake. I'm getting old and confused.
    Your not having to smush your food before eating it are you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by All Play No Work
    I understand that. However there isn't just one game with the Sweet 16.
    There can be games Wed-Sat and I think the Sweet 16 and the All-A put schools in a real bind by scheduling games during school times.

    Say School A drives 2 hours to Richmond for the All-A for a Wednesday game. So no school Wednesday. What if they win? School Thursday, but not on Friday? So drive 4 hours Wednesday, 4 hours Friday?
    Now a month later School A plays in the Sweet 16 but this time it is a 3 hour drive? Do it all again?

    One school last year or the year before in the All-A did not cancel school and had about 17 people there for a game. They said the school couldn't justify making everyone go back and forth over the three days.
    Our district usually does not schedule school on the state tournament dates. They started doing this several years ago. There were too many teachers taking "sick days" and going to the tournament (some have been going for over 20 years), and too many subs in the building.