Does ESPN have a double standard when hosts speak out?

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View Poll Results: Does ESPN have a double standard when hosts speak out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UKMustangFan View Post
    I think the bigger issue is she basically called anyone who voted for President Trump a racist/white-supremacist. A lot of those folks make up the ESPN viewership. That's a big mistake IMO.
    I agree 100%, that is a problem. Regardless of the viewership.

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    I am going to make the final post.

    I am pretty impressed with how everyone got along in this thread. Additionally, the 15 to 0 vote speaks volumes.

    Additionally, @mcpapa made the executive decision that we are going to end this for now and pick it back up Friday Night in one of a couple of Friday Night Fun Threads.

    If we want that to be a productive debate let's think about it between now and then so we can have a meaningful discussion Friday Night.