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  • Get 67%, will pass through the Board of Control, but not get by the State Board of Education.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pigskin
    Its my understanding that regardless of whether the BOC approves it or not, the proposal if it gets the 2/3rds vote gets handed up to the State Board of Education. The BOC can say they disagree with the proposal, but it has to move to the State Board. What some folks forget is that the BOC works for the schools, not vice versa and if the schools approve a proposal it becomes the law (subject to approval by the State Board and of course the legislature). At the end of the day, the BOC really has no say other than to advise the schools what they think should happen.
    From today's Kentucky Post

    "If it passes, it would have to be approved by a majority of the 18 members on the KHSAA board of control."

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    Quote Originally Posted by All Play No Work
    The deadline for submission of proposals for consideration at the meeting is Saturday, Sept. 10.
    With the deadline date on Saturday, the KHSAA will begin compilation of the proposals on Tuesday,
    Sept. 13 and confirm final wording with the authors for final presentation.
    With the deadline still to come, the Association staff is not in a position to address any specific
    proposal or potential proposal until the final listing is made.
    Proposals will be posted on the Association website ( in presentation form Thursday,
    Sept. 15.
    Authors and other proponents of proposals will be listed so that they can be contacted for feedback
    and general comments.

    In addition, the Association would like to remind individuals of the approval process of KHSAA
    A Proposal may be submitted by the designated representative of any KHSAA member school by
    the deadline (Sept. 10)
    Proposals are then presented at the Annual Meeting
    A two-thirds vote of the registered delegates in attendance is required for passage
    Following the Annual Meeting, the KHSAA Board of Control reviews approved proposals and
    forwards them to the Kentucky Board of Education with either a favorable or unfavorable
    recommendation for adoption
    KBE then recommends approval or lack of approval for inclusion in 702 KAR 7:065
    The entire KHSAA Constitution and Bylaws, including approved proposals, are then reviewed by the
    Legislative Research Committee for a final decision of approval of implementation or no approval
    of implementation within 702 KAR 7:065.
    98--APNW has it right here (I am pretty sure he got this from the KHSAA). Even if the BOC doesn't recommend the proposal--it can still be passed.

    Also--the Enquirer, in particular, has not done a great job of providing accurate information about this proposal (and it seems like it is one person in particular). See the article where Owen Hauck was interviewed.