Cop dies after being shot by black crimimal

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    To answer the initial question, the outrage isn't the same because in those other situations unarmed people were killed by armed policemen. I would think everyone is saddened by this story but if it has to be explained why the outrage isn't similar to the other situations of unarmed men killed by the police then there isn't any point of having a discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDeuce View Post
    Why is there not as much outrage? Because police officers take an oath to PROTECT and Serve. There's nothing protective about killing unarmed citizens...

    This is a tragedy, as is EVERY instance when an officer loses his or her life. Every time an officer loses his or her life, it SHOULD be a big deal. Heck, it doesn't even have to be a loss of life to be a tragedy that an officer is injured. They are laying their life on the line to keep the peace for us, and them having to fear for their lives is a shame.

    The difference between the two is we are supposed to look at police as a service to protect us from all the bad in the world. They are NOT supposed to BE the bad in the world, and in the instances we've discussed here over the past few months that's exactly what's happened.
    See I disagree you can be really hurt by an unarmed can be robbed, killed, mamed, set on fire, lots of things to me you do not have to be armed to be killed legally by a cop, or by a citizen.

    As far as the cops being the part of the bad in the is my advice dont join them and yourself be bad in the world and chances are you wont get killed by cops. Like it or not most of these cases were criminals that were killed or those who did not do what they were asked to do by officers.... right or wrong those are the facts. While I dont agree with cops in all the instances, I just can not believe so many good people come to the defense of criminals, in a modern, intilligent culture such as the US.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UKMustangFan View Post
    There's nothing wrong with protesting when you feel an injustice has been committed. There's nothing wrong with protesting period.

    The rioters and looters would have done so regardless of what the facts were. Those cowards just take advantage of tragic situations to cause havoc.
    I respectfully disagree with you on this but totally understand and respect what you are saying. I don't think it is right at all to protest something until all of the facts are out. If you then feel it is an injustice, then protest (not riot) is understandable and is a basic right we have as citizens.