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    Quote Originally Posted by theguru
    If you are on the fence on where you want to go to school (NCC or HHS) and NCC is out of all athletics the best choice is HHS.
    Problem: NCC won't be "out" but would instead be in Division 2.

    Please explain why you think independent school districts would benefit. I don't agree or disagree with you; I just want to hear (hear? read?) your reasoning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theguru
    I think the Independent schools systems will also be winners. Male may come out in this one too.
    I think everyone except the smaller private schools will come out ahead. If the larger private schools can not play in the football, basketball, baseball or soccer tournament, they will probably leave the KHSAA and not play KHSAA schools in regular season. Then they can give real financial aid , like scholarships to athletes, and play schools from other states. X, T, Lex Cath and Cov Cath could form a league. Maybe someone else may want to join for football. They are enough private schools to make up a league in other sports. I think X and T's football schedule will involve teams from many states and be top notch football. It will be great for them not to have to play many public schools in the regular season.

    In Hawaii, the private schools have their own league and get to send one team to the state finals. They were not thrown out as they will be in Kentucky. But the private schools play games against teams from California and others state(this year Utah). These games are doubleheaders and draw about 15,000 to Aloha Stadium.

    I can see that X and T may schedule doubleheaders wherein tesms from Cincinnati or Dayton or Indiana come in. It will work out in the long run.